Story 2May2022: Return to work

The alarm went off at 6:15AM with me having been asleep for only a few minutes. I had woken before the alarm at 4 and 5 and then every ten minutes. But, I still managed to fall completely asleep just before 6:15 and was startled awake.

I then put on my robe and logged into my Apple and my Nike computer. I was still getting strange behavior on my Nike computer, so I finally called the help desk. We discovered that my last password change had only partially updated and that my laptop needed to have new certificates so the password change would take. Unfortunately, the help desk was unable to solve the issue. I now have a ticket to fix my problem; no fix was provided today.

I managed to fit in a shower before my first meeting.

I next had my first Zoom meeting with my boss Brad. I did have to log into the network and Zoom twice to get the meeting to work. It was nice to see Brad again, and we talked about my health and my wife’s options as she gets better. I will follow up with Brad’s conversion team and master data.

After that meeting, I met with the data conversion team and reviewed the recommendations to improve the software.

Next, I was out of meetings, but I did drive Corwin to work and picked up my lunch at Wendy’s. I wanted a taco salad and a baked potato to add to the salad. But, it was too early for a baked potato. I heard the manager asking why someone wanted a potato in the morning. That made me laugh, and I imagined the manager saying, “Who would want a potato at 11:30 on a Monday. WTF!” So, I ordered some fries instead.

I ate my salad and a medium fry for lunch. Then, I followed email for the afternoon and repeatedly tried to restart my computer to see if the help desk had fixed my issue.

Next, it being noonish, I headed to the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center at 3900 Pacific Highway, Room 44A. It is a twenty-minute trip which gives me about twenty minutes there if I want to use just an hour. I am still trying to figure out to see Susie every day and return to work. So I plan to skip lunch and drive to her most days; I will have to see her in the early evening on some alternative days. Again, I am still trying to work this out in my head.

Susie was just finishing lunch when I reached her at the table near the nurses’ station. Susie has graduated to thin liquids! I also spoke to the rehab department, and they are working with Susie on most days. They are pleased with her improvements already.

Susie was happy to see me, but my visit had to be very short, confusing her. However, I did get to replace her flowers with the new ones, which brightened her room and made her very happy. In addition, I managed to call Leta, Susie’s mother, and have Susie chat with her for a bit on my iPhone.

I forgot to take a picture.

I had to head back and was back online with Nike by 1:30. I spent the afternoon reading email and trying to get my laptop to work. I also reconnected with folks and will have a busy day on Tuesday as I dive back into Nike.

I, staying with the food for lunch, cooked the potato skins with cheese and bacon in the freezer from Schwann’s. I made a salad to go with it. Sticking to, as Glenda suggested, eating the food I already have.

I then made a pumpkin pie. I had bought the stuff last year and never had time to make one with Susie being in the hospital through Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I got out the recipe from an old label from Eagle Condensed Milk that I keep in my recipes. This is the same pie I have made for twenty years.

It came out OK, and I have to admit I had two hot pieces. It is better cold, but I wanted something sweet with happy memories. Pumpkin pie works.

I watched a bit of the new film Murder on the Nile. I have seen it, but I wanted to see it again. I like this version. I read the book just a few months ago and then sent my copy to Mom Wild. She wanted to try it.

Aside (rant): I was agitated by the news that Roe Vs. Wade would be overturned. The draft order from the Supreme Court was leaked, and I read through it. I was shocked to read that a 50-year decision would be reversed by so-called conservative justices. I was expecting a narrowing which would be a conservative decision, but for the court to reverse the law of the land that has held for fifty years is, I will say it, unprecedented and radical. The argument that it should be overthrown that I read did not match my understanding of the court. I am shocked and certainly do not believe that Roe Vs. Wade was so flawed a decision by the previous court that it must be reversed as stated by the order. I am flabbergasted.

So a very confusing and challenging day for me. I am tired and freezing again.


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