Story 10May2022: Tired on Tuesday

I am almost too tired to write today. So please forgive me if I am brief today.

Going backward, I returned from dinner with Mariah at the Golden Valley Brewery (GVB), where we both had steak salad on charred lettuce. We sat outside, and I had left my coat at home as I was rushed to make dinner with Mariah. Dr. Peter Koper called and was looking for an update about Susan and me, which delayed me. I will try to call him this Friday or weekend when with Susie.

We chatted about cars and work. But unfortunately, I was fatigued, and I was not hearing that well after a loud party at Nike this afternoon. So I tried to pay attention but found conversation work tonight and excused myself early.

I did have a Spanish Coffee, which might have made me even more tired, but it warmed me up.

Moving more into the late afternoon, still going backward, I drove home, spacing that Mariah and I had agreed to dinner. I had just laid down and closed my eyes when Mariah called me. Unfortunately, I had to drive back almost to work for dinner, but even though I was tired, I had not seen Mariah for a few weeks, and she is always fun to have dinner with. So Air Volvo returned and took me to the GVB after talking, as I mentioned, to Dr. Koper.

Before this, we had a celebration for reaching the next milestone at work, planning a go-live for our software at Nike. I cannot share details of the software and the project here. However, there was finger food, wine, and beer. My boss, Brad, was good with a game apparently called corn hole. It was a lovely party and my first since returning. Many folks were happy to see me knowing that I was out with cancer.

Michelle, my first boss at Nike, and I had some pictures taken for the event.

Moving backward, I was working in the Beaverton office and, for lunch, walked out to the carts that are free this week as Nike is celebrating our return to work and picked up a to-go lunch. I then drove to see Susie in Forest Grove using 26 and the back roads instead of TV highway and thus avoided enjoying all the extra-legal driving I usually experienced on TV Highway. Susie was in bed and awake when I arrived. I could only make a quick visit (I ate the lunch while driving) as I was trying to use no more than 90-minutes for my visit and travel time. We called Susie’s mother, Leta, and they chatted. I had to head back right after that. It is a rushed visit, but it is what I can manage with Susie still in Forest Grove. When she moves to Tigard, I will have a bit more time.

They were celebrating Hawaii day.

I spoke to the Rehab team, and they are happy with Susie’s progress and expect Susie to remain in their program for another week.

Before this, I took Air Volvo to work and arrived there at about 8AM. I had a few meetings. Before leaving, I was up at 6:15 and had breakfast of a banana, some baked goods, and coffee. I try to read everything personal and work-related before 7AM. This allows me to reply before some folks’ workday and at the end of India’s day.

I slept well.

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