Story 11May2022: Busy Wednesday

I am again tired, but I will try to make a full report for today.

I was rushed this morning as I had an early 7:30 meeting, and I planned to do that one in my office building, called Clubhouse. So I immediately showered and reheated yesterday’s coffee and rushed to eat a bagel with cream cheese and choke down a banana. Soon, I was in Air Volvo, having taken my pills just before leaving. When I arrived at my office building with 15 minutes to spare I discovered that my laptop was still at the house. Crap!

Yes, I drove back and called into the meeting with my iPhone while driving, which was not what I had hoped for. The rest of the morning went better, and I soon had a few meetings completed and free coffee from our coffee bar in Clubhouse (serving Starbucks’ coffee, of course).

I headed out at 10:30 for the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center with all my morning meetings done and a few hours open for Wednesday. I quickly reached 3900 Pacific Highway and was in room 44A. Susie was sleeping and still in bed when I got there. I woke her up, and soon she was talking to her mom, Leta, via FaceTime on my iPhone.

They talked for a bit, but I was rushed (again) as I had limited time, and soon they finished. I then call Dr. Peter Koper, our college English and Literature professor from Central Michigan University we have kept in contact all these years. Pete and Susie have a friendly chat that I joined a few times. Today, it is all good news as Susie is getting Rehab and responding well.

Susie will soon be moving to Tigard to the Allegiance Senior Care, Adult Foster Care Home, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave., Portland (just inside Tigard), Oregon 97223, and phone number 503-798-6037. The facilities are arranging for her transfer after she completes Rehab. That should be next week, I believe. Medical stuff always takes longer than you hope.

With all the calls done, I left with a kiss, and I drove back to work from Forest Grove. I take 26 and avoid the crazy driving trip through Hillsboro. However, I witnessed today a person driving across Pacific Highway and stopping traffic. This was particularly amazing as the person was riding a pink bicycle. I was unsure if the person would be crossing or soon fatally flying through the air. Still, the passive-aggressive Oregonian drivers, likely just as amazed as I was, stopped and let the bicycle rider pass through the traffic unharmed.

I soon returned to work and then went out for our free lunch. The wait was long, but it was a sunny day, and we all chatted in the crowd. I got my exotic fusion Korean and Mexican burrito and devoured it as I had to get back to my desk. More meetings.

Work went on, and I was not home until 5:45, which was the lastest I stayed at work since returning to work. I was fatigued from the stairs and long walks in the building. You do not realize how much extra walking and stairs are in these buildings. After staying home for two years and surviving surgery and chemotherapy, the daily grind is at my limits and leaves me exhausted each day this week.

I rest for just a few minutes. After that, I got a new book delivered, Learning from Data, which was recommended in one of my meetings today by the Nike VP in charge of Nike’s Artificial Intelligence platforms and services. Amazon delivered the book in less than 12 hours! It must be popular. I started it, but I am too tired for that tonight.

Next, I cut up the sausages we have left from a few meals and heat them in a pan. I then add the pasta and water for mac and cheese. I make meaty mac and cheese and share that with Corwin. That is dinner for me–cheap and easy.

I rest some more and relax. Then, I read a travel book for Europe. It is interesting as it is from 1926 and one of my purchases to better understand the time period for the Call of Cthulhu. Reading old travel books with all their advice is interesting. For example, the US money comparison chart in the travel book specifies gold-backed US currency; most US money was convertible at a fixed rate to gold until 1933.

Before it gets dark, I also visit my roses that are now starting to bloom. Here are some pictures and explanations: This is my China Rose called often Old Blush and is the first rose to bloom each year. It already has a faded blossom. It is ever blooming.

You can see that the rose bush is getting ready to explode in flowers. I did cut my finger on a thorn taking this picture. Old Blush has sharp wicked thorns–gloves to handle.

This is pink moss. It blooms only once and is near the bedroom window so the scent can float into the house. It is a huge bush. The thorns are soft on new growth and are medieval on older growth but generally can be avoided.

My tea rose, Mister Lincoln, is growing to a large bush in its second year with us. It is ready to flower next week. I have Root-Gel to propagate some cuttings once it flowers. I have promised new plants to friends from this one. The rose is not protected by trademark or other legalities. It is an old tea rose.

My rosemary trunk broke from the snow in April but is still in flower, lovely blue flowers.

My other rose bushes are growing and will also soon flower, but these are the first roses for 2022.

Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “Story 11May2022: Busy Wednesday”

  1. Enjoyed the tour of roses. In the last few days, roses have gone berserk with their blooming. A friend from Brooks-Howell an I was a matinee performance of Turandot yesterday. Loved it.


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