Story 16May2022: Manic Monday

Today a lot went wrong as the day went on. So let’s go backward in our storytelling…

I am home from Wildwood (no relation) Taphouse. I realized that I had forgotten my wallet as I walked in, and the owner offered to spot me a beer, but I kept enough cash in the car to cover the beer and even a dollar tip. I have a $5 bill, two bucks in quarters, and one Susan B Anthony (the US $1 coin no longer being produced) to cover emergencies; I will have to replace it to be ready for the next crisis. So feeling foolish, I accepted a red ale and sat down at a table.

I had put the solo (yes, just one player) board game, Nemo’s War in Air Volvo, as I meant to stop at a place to play it after voting (see below). So I set it up and even explained it to a few folks (none masked) that asked me about the game (my mask was off as I was drinking a beer). It is a beautiful game and very immersive. I try to find my inner Captain Nemo from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea while playing the immersive game.

Aside: I like the movie and the Disney Nautilus. I have built a lighted model of a different Nautilus look but still with what we would call now a steam-punk look. Disney was well ahead of their time with the look of Nautilus. My model of the Nautilis I built even plays organ music! So I have some affinity for this theme, you could say.

I played the easy level and the basic game. I had managed to get to within three turns of at least scoring, but a disaster happened. Capt. Nemo (me) forgot that if the ocean fills with ships, he cannot hide anymore and automatically loses the game. Next time! I was an overly peaceful Captain, not realizing that I needed to clear the seas of those who would do me harm. However, I still enjoyed the game and will play it again when I have a free evening.

Before I spent the evening being Nemo, I dropped my ballet for the election in the official box. As I said before, we do only by mail elections in Oregon. I could have mailed it, but it must be postmarked by tomorrow to count–instead, I dropped it off at the election box to ensure it will be counted.

I had to open the car door to reach the voting box and undid my seatbelt. I then shut the door on the seatbelt. The door was jammed, and I could not force it open from inside Air Volvo. I drove Air Volvo over to the parking lot and parked. Next, I had to jump over the stick and the console to the other seat. I managed to jam my foot into the console and was stuck for a moment. I’m glad nobody could see this! I managed to grab my foot and pull it out and could then sit properly in the passenger seat. A bizarre yoga Volvo move! Last, I opened the passenger door, walked to the driver’s door, and managed to pull the driver’s door open from the outside. Problem solved! This was beyond an eye-roll moment!

Continuing with the story, I voted this evening after making dinner. Again, as we vote only by mail in Oregon–no voting booths, I had to fill out the ballet with a pen. I looked up the candidates I did not know, read what they wrote in the voter pamphlet, and read about some online. I vote democratic, so this is the primary, and also, the election fills some local positions (including the auditor–we vote in the auditor?!). I only had one difficult choice (the auditor) as everyone running for auditor read about the same and competent. I will not list my votes here–politics is not what this blog is for.

I seal and sign the envelope. Done!

For dinner, Glenda would be happy; all the food came from the freezer and Schwann’s. I had a Chicken Cordon Blu with corn and mashed potatoes. As always, I did manage to burn the mashed potatoes a bit on the bottom of the pan as the frozen mashed stuff heats too slow. It was still good.

Going further back, I spent the afternoon watching and reading a bit; I was tired and took a break. After that, I helped with a few items on a practice upgrade for the shoe company.

Again from frozen food, lunch was salmon and fire-roasted veggies (Schwann’s again). I defrosted the previously cooked salmon in the microwave and then added it to the veggies baking in the oven for the last five minutes. The food was great.

I was following along at work while doing all of this. I also did laundry for Susie. I washed some smallish blankets for her to use in the new place. Plus, I did a large load of towels and put them away.

Before lunch and finishing the laundry, I slipped out for 90 minutes to see Susie at the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center found at 3900 Pacific Highway. Susie was not in her room, 44A, but was instead by the tables near the nursing station. She had just finished breakfast and was a bit grumpy. So I took her for a spin inside the facility–it was too cold for a trip to see the flowers outside.

We managed to reach Leta on the second try on my iPhone. Susie and Leta talked next to the fish aquarium in the lobby for a while. Three are tiny starfish-like creatures now stuck on the glass inside the aquarium. It did make me remember the last Suicide Squad movie when I looked at them. But these are not moving and not trying, yet, to eat my face.

Soon Susie was getting tired, so we stopped with just one call and one tour. I took Susie to her room; Terry, Susie’s roommate, was not there as she was getting a workout in the gym. I asked the nurses to help Susie get back to bed to rest.

The trip there and back in AIr Volvo was without incident.

I started the morning at about 7ish; I was lollygagging in bed for 45 minutes. Before that, I slept well, but I did not get to bed again until after midnight. So tonight, I hope to sleep soon!

Thank you for reading.


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