Story 17May2022: Non-Stop Failure

The day started with my alarm waking me at 6:15. I got going and had a quick breakfast and read emails for the shoe company and myself. I also read the Slack messages as we are now installing software for the shoe company. I was in the shower and dressed soon. I was out the door at 7:15ish and at my office building by 7:30.

My first meeting was with the Europe group–we try to stay connected to our Europe-based experts by meeting with them every two weeks. It was my first Zoom meeting with them since returning after my medical absence for colon cancer and chemotherapy. They were happy to see and hear me.

After that, I had a few discussions on Machine Learning and some upgrade discussions. And soon, it was 10ish, and I climbed into Air Volvo and headed to Forest Grove.

I take 26 as that seems easier than the busy roads during the end of the rush hour–I am headed to the West, not towards Portland. I manage all the traffic circles by having navigation running on Air Volvo. Unfortunately, I don’t trust my memory as everything is flat and looks the same, so I use navigation.

I was surprised to see cops and flashing lights as I entered Cornelius, the city next to Forest Grove on Pacific Highway. I saw a smiling policeman with a long stick with a noose on it chasing some puppies on the rail tracks (an active lumber railroad). The little dogs thought the loop more of a game, and the lawman was not catching his quarry. I saw a civilian with dog treats, and she was having better luck. I did have to stop as the puppies ran out into the traffic. The folks then chased them back off the road. The police were smiling, and everyone was being careful. Later, when I drove back to work, I saw the animal control truck at the rail crossing with all puppies safe in the truck.

I soon reached Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center and was in room 44A. Susie was asleep. According to Terry, Susie’s roommate, Susie had been up all morning and just had fallen to sleep after returning to rest. I managed to wake Susie, and we called her mother, Leta, who we had just caught unloaded groceries. Susie and Leta chatted for a while, but Susie was sleepy, and her voice was harder to understand as she was tired. Next, we called my mother, Barb Wild, in Michigan, too, and Susie chatted with her for a short time. My time was short today as I had to get back to work, and soon my visit was over. I left with a kiss from Susie.

I managed to return without issue in Air Volvo. No puppies on the road.

I returned to my office building and back to an open desk. We don’t have assigned seats now, but we often settle into a pattern. So got my usual table.

Lunch and coffee are still free–Nike is welcoming us back with free lunch and coffee. I had the pork twisted gyro with pineapple and corn and pork rines. It was delicious.

I spent the rest of the morning reading and replying to questions and ideas for the ongoing software build and practice upgrade. I also covered some Machine Learning and explained my fav Monte Carlo algorithm to some folks.

I then got a call while still at work and an email on my personal account about Susie. Apparently, Susie was done with insurance on Thursday and was back on private pay. Nobody informed me, and this is against my explicated written instructions–yes, I wrote them a letter weeks ago. My instructions were to move Susie to the new place, Allegiance Senor Care, when Susie is done with rehab–we are not to return to private pay at the Forest Grove facility–that would mean I would be paying for two rooms for Susie! This was agreed to by everyone. But not done.

To make things worse, I also learned that the bed and wheelchair for Susie were not ordered and certainly not delivered to Allegiance yet. Thus, at the soonest, Susie could move on Friday. Julie from Forest Grove apologized. I forgave as the world of medical stuff is just a mess in the pandemic, and I know Julie was out ill for a week. But unfortunately, nobody followed up for her even when Susie was done.

I am frustrated not for the failure but about the money. I have sold stock to cover these costs, and I have only so much I can cover at these high rates until I have to sell more stock, but I did not imagine I would pay for two rooms by mistake. Ugly. I will have to sell more assets a few months earlier than planned.

Mariah texted me if today would be a good day for pizza and a beer. H**l, yes. So I left work at about 4:30 and headed to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza. There I had a red ale and waited for Mariah. She appeared after 520ish, and I ordered spicy pasta instead of pizza. Mariah went for pizza. I later had their donut dessert (not that good as the donuts are pizza crust baked and then sprinkled with sugar.

I also texted the Smiths + Jason in New York City. Natasha Smith is graduating from Cornell this week. I miss traveling with them and NYC. So a toast to Natasha, Jason, Kat, Michelle, David, and various cats.

Aside: Mariah has purchased a used Hemi Dodge Charger–an excellent orange one with a racing stripe, and I waited for her to start it in Air Volvo. It makes a loud distinctive sound, and thus I waited for it and gave her a thumbs up when the loud grumble filled the air in the parking lot. Mariah is now thinking about going into racing and is hanging out with car folks. She loves the Charger! I suggest she have a Gay Pride flag painted on the roof and to name the car the General Grant–she liked the idea (we will see).

Let us hope we can get Susie to Tigard soon and start the next adventure with Michelle Nixon and Allegiance Senior Care!



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