Story 18May2022: Multiple Trips

The morning started at 6:15, with me ignoring the alarm for 15 minutes. Then, I got going, had some food, and took my pills. I managed to reach my office building at about 8ish. I had a few meetings in the morning.

I then slipped out of the shoe company to Alliegence Senoir Care, LLC, Adult Foster Care Home, found at 9925 SW 82nd. Ave., Portland, dropped off clothing, some stuffed animals, and blankets and put them in Susie’s room there. There still is no bed, but there is a dresser and bed stand. Jennifer was happy to see me (I think that is the correct name), and I said hello to the residents who were still completing breakfast. The trip took less than an hour, and my boss, Brad, was surprised by how soon I was back.

While driving on the messy 217 with construction everywhere, I was surprised on the drive when all the Volvo alarms went off. I was shocked to see other vehicles were diving to the shoulder. Someone had slammed their brakes on 217 and nearly caused a cascading pile-up. Air Volvo spotted the slowing cars and started to brake as I steered the car, now aware of the issue, to the shoulder and then slammed the brakes (with Air Volvo having started it), thus avoiding being rear-ended by diving into the shoulder. I had not seen the initial issue as the pickup in front of me had dim brake lights! However, air Volvo’s constant crash avoidance radar system detected the risk, sent out the polite trolly bell panic sound, and started pressing the brake for me. Air Volvo saved me from an unpleasant accident.

Returning to work without any more incidents, I grabbed the free lunch. Nike is still buying us lunch to celebrate us coming back to the office. I had the German food offered today, a brat with the works. I rationalized that I should have a brat as our software, SAP, is German.

After eating lunch and answering a few crises of the monument, I headed out to Forest Grove. I took the highway and soon was in Forest Grove and picked up some ice cream, getting three cups, one for Susie, Terry, and me. After lunch, Susie and Terry (Susie’s roommate) was still eating her lunch. Susie ate most of her ice cream. We did call Susie’s mother on my iPhone using FaceTime.

While Susie and Leta, Susie’s mother, chatted, I went and talked to Dan, the Administrator for the facility. He apologized for their recent miscues and promised to make the remaining days good and to have Susie ready to move and provide transportation when we have a final move day.

Susie and Leta were surprised by the length of my absence, but I explained that I arranged for Susie’s move with the Administrator. We said goodbye to Leta, and I packed up the loose items from Susie’s room. I will be packing her stuff each day until she leaves. Terry is sorry to see her go.

I kissed Susie goodbye and forgot to take a picture for today.

I returned to the Volvo Cave without any more trolly bells from Air Volvo. I decided to work from home for the rest of the day as  I had enough driving; also, I was on call for the Master Data Governance SAP system upgrade. So I watched for that and followed along on email and Slack for the afternoon at home.

I did rest a bit at 4ish as I still tire easily, and the driving and stress of Susie’s move had me staggered.

I got going again at about 4:45 and started dinner. Frozen meatballs, Glenda should be pleased I used another item in the freezer and used pasta and pasta sauce in the pantry. I baked the meatballs–slicing them up after they were hot and baking them again. I heated the North African style sauce (a fav). I boiled up some good-quality orcchiette pasta. As the flavors are intense, I put the meatball pieces in a bowl, then plain pasta, and then cover with the capers-containing non-Italian red sauce. It is perfect this way.

I got a pleasant text from the NYC Smiths + Jason. They are in a Turkish establishment for dinner and were thinking of me. Very kind.

I sent them a pic of my dinner and my laptop playing the movie The Lost City, Sandra Bullocks’ newest film. I bought it to watch on my Apple. I laughed through it as they made writer jokes; I still write stories and thought the quips were entertaining. At one point, Sandra’s character tries to insult the bad guy and has to yell out, “no, there is a comma,” when Daniel Radcliffe (previously Harry Potter and now playing an evil billionaire) repeats her insult back with a different meaning. I had to stop the movie as I was laughing so hard. Later, Daniel says, “Kill him, imaginatively,” I again had to stop the show as I laughed too hard again. Again, a writer thing, and this line is something I would write for a bad guy to say. Excellent!

I read some more and started the blog.

My roses are starting to bloom in earnest.

Mister Lincoln is almost ready.

David Austin’s Herbalist rose is starting to bloom.

Pink Moss seems to be waiting for a hot day.

Old Blush or the China Rose is just blooming with small flowers. It will soon be covered in blooms. It is always the first and last blooming.

Thank you for reading. I hope to get Susie to her new facility soon and start her next adventure: Adult Foster Care.

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