Story 19May2022: Changes

Today was a chaotic day, and I knew it would be that way. And as often happens when you face such a mess, you make simple mistakes that work out. I awoke at 6:20, wondering why my alarm on my phone never went off; it was not enabled. Oops.

I managed to read the emails and slack messages and then get dressed and to work a bit late, just after 8. As formal as I get now, I was wearing a white shirt with a tie covered by my sweater. I was invited to a memorial for Felicia Summerfield in the afternoon, a friend at work who passed away from cancer during the pandemic; we could finally meet and say goodbye. Sometimes, Felicia was a bit formal, so I knew she would love the tie and shirt.

Felicia designed Nike’s current purchasing and inventory systems, all of them for the world. Felicia was also an expert on Brazil. I miss her. I would wish to tell her how we converted her purchase orders to the new system using SAP’s Migration Cockpit for China and how we are handling inventory. It would be nice to demo the conversion for her and maybe have her see the fantastic work we did over the last five years to make it work. I miss hearing her voice on the Zoom calls, which I used to hear on the old phone bridges for our previous meetings before she fell ill. Her voice to me is Nike’s purchasing and inventory system, and I still listen to it in my mind when we discuss purchasing.

See Felicia’s obituary here.

I enjoy a few meetings in the morning and a few crises of the moment. I then head out to Forest Grove to see Susie. I have a few bags to carry in to pack away more items. I get there about 10:30 and start packing and talking to Susie about her move. Terry, her roommate, is sad to lose Susie as they have worked well together.

I speak to the folks at the facility in Forest Grove. They are finally getting organized and ready for Susie’s exit to Allegiance Senior Care, Adult Foster Care Home, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave., Portland, Oregon 97223. The house phone there is 503 246-4116. I learn later that the bed and wheelchair have arrived in Portland. Susie can exit on Friday–I select the time of 10:15 to transport Susie. I will have to be there and bring a transfer wheelchair that I got when it was apparent Susie would need one for our trip to New York City last year. I took the day, Friday, off.

With two bags filled and carrying a kite (a butterfly), I head out with a kiss from Susie. I am not headed to work yet. There is much to do. I drive back to Beaverton, stop at the Best Buy, and find a person to help me purchase a most excellent 32″ flat-screen TV for Susie and an Echo Dot.

I then meet Scott for lunch. We met for lunch once a week for years until the pandemic and cancer brought that to a halt for a while. While we caught up a bit, we also are always looking for new innovations to try at Nike, and we spent the lunch talking about opportunities (none I can write about here). It was good to talk.

I then drive, again not to work, but to the Portland address of Allegiance’s Hummingbird House–that is its name. Jennifer is there, and the residents are having soup for lunch. I unload and assemble some of the decorations and the electronics for Susie in her new private room. The cable is not set up in Susie’s room yet, but I unboxed the TV and got it running. I also programmed the Amazon Echo Dot to connect to my account and use the local WiFi. It took me 30-minutes to discover that you renamed Alexa to Echo just asking for the change. We use the word “Echo” at the house to talk to an Echo Dot. So Susie can just say, “Echo! Call Michael,” the device will then walk her through calling me. If asked, it will play music for Susie, and it has a good speaker. I hung up the butterfly kite using nondamaging hooks that Susie’s sister bought on her last trip here and a hung few other knick-knacks. The room is starting to look a bit homier.

I will likely check if I can replace the lights in the room later to be Echo controlled. That way, Susie can just ask Echo to turn on/off the lights or have them at 50%. This prevents Susie from walking in the dark to turn on or off the lights.

I left and finally returned to work. I then took Friday off and checked if I was needed. The build of MDG was moving forward, one of my systems, and they had worked out the sequencing issues from what I could tell.

I next headed to the Rock Creek Country Club for the memorial, and I was one of the early folks. The memorial was a dinner party of sorts with drinks. Sliders and high tea snacks remembered our friend Felicia’s favs. Friends and many retired Nike folks came, and I talked a lot about old systems. It was just a nice party, something Felicia loved, with folks just talking and being happy to see each other (some retired, others in new jobs, and some just separated by the pandemic). Just a tiny bit of sad but primarily happy stories of what folks are doing or memories of Felicia and her “high tea.”

The day’s stress and the standing for a long time, not good for me, had me staggered by 5ish. I tire easily and just had a bit of food and only water. Time to take Air Volvo home. I was soon home. Corwin came in and then let me sleep. I awoke about 7ish and made a simple dinner of potato skins with cheese and bacon and stuffed papers (poppers). All from the freezer (Glenda should be smiling in North Carolina) and easy to make.

I am still staggering, so I will be careful tonight. I just sat down and wrote the blog. Corwin put out the trash and recycling, again following all of Glenda’s updates on recycling.

I wrote a note to Allegiance on Susie’s food options and included a few pictures.

Here is one of the pics. Susie at Adult Nationals in 2008:

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