Story 20May2022: Susie New Home

Today I started at 6:15 with me getting up a few minutes after the alarm. I had taken the day off from the shoe company when I learned that Susie could move on Friday. She leaves the Forest Grove Rehab and Care Center and starts in adult foster care at Allegiance Senior Care’s Hummingbird House. I planned to be there in Forest Grove at 9ish to assist with the transfer by packing and doing whatever paperwork they had for me.

I managed coffee, some food, and my pills. Next, I read my email and even my work email and texts. So far, there were no issues for me at the shoe company, and I then got a shower and dressed. I was out about 8:45ish.

The trip to Forest Grove in Air Volvo, with our red-colored transfer wheelchair in the back. I stopped by Safeway, bought two bouquets of flowers, and used the DIY cash registers without issues, was uneventful. I brought some bags to hold any items I needed to pack–like the second vase for flowers I forgot was in Susie’s room.

Sarah with Susie in Forest Grove.

Soon I was packing Susie’s room and carrying her clothing to Air Volvo after bringing in the transfer wheelchair. I got three bags and two loads of clothing into the cargo area of Air Volvo. We got prescriptions and even the unfinished drugs to take with us.

I brought Terry, Susie’s roommate for these past months, one of the sets of flowers and had her pick a vase to keep. I then placed the flowers for her in her new vase. Something to remember us!

We waited just a short time, and the cab was there to transfer Susie. The goodbyes and soon Susie has been whisked away. The nurses and nursing aides are sad to lose her as a patient, but I thank them for making this possible today. We will miss the Forest Grove folks.

Forest Grove facility.

Soon Susie is at the Hummingbird Home just in Tigard (with a Portland address). Michelle Nixon and Jennifer are there to receive Susie. I got to carry in her stuff and supply a vase for the other set of flowers I brought. These are for Susie for the new facility.

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Susie gets to see her new private room with a view of Metzger Park. She gets a tour of Hummingbird House, and Michelle and Jenifer make Susie comfortable. Susie gets to sit on the sofa, watch some news, and has a few swallows of soup for lunch before heading to her room for some rest.

Once Susie is resting, I head out with a kiss goodbye from Susie.

I head to Beaverton for lunch and for a break. I cannot describe the relief to have Susie finally in Foster Care. It is terrific that Susie can be safe in a home setting with 7/24 coverage. I was also exhausted from yesterday and all the packing and moving for today.

I pick up a magazine at Powell’s Books in Beaverton and then have lunch at Pastini. This one, while part of a change, often has better food. I ordered a glass of wine and chatted with the waiter about greek gods; apparently, the gal that is my waiter is still in college and thinking about being a nurse but enjoyed a class on mythology. I had commented on how heavy the plates were, Vulcanized, and we got on the subject of the gods. I suggested she could also consider international trade as she liked the idea of a traveling nurse, and she liked that idea too. I had a glass of their pinot.

The food was only average today.

I went home and took a nap. I later got pics from Alliegence with Susie up and about after her nap, and she looked happy. Later, I went to Wildwood Taphouse and had a beer and a bowl of spicy mix with nuts and played Nemo’s War, a solo board game. This time I was overly aggressive and got Captain Nemo killed and lost automatically, but I did better, I thought. It did not help that I rolled poorly and failed four tests in a row.

I usually play in Portland with friends on Friday night, but Covid-19 exposure has put that on hold for a week.

I am so relieved that we finally have Susie settled in her new place. I am tired and staggered but happy.

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