Story 21May2022: Saturday

Going backward, I enjoyed a rest after saying goodbye to Evan and Mariah at the Bargarten Bavarian Social Haus in Beaverton. Evan and I had dessert there and another drink. Mariah, who joined us late for dinner, had dinner. Evan and I met Mariah at a Mexican place and then skipped over for German.

Evan and I had Mexican food for dinner after visiting Susie for just a short time, my second visit today. I dropped off some socks for her (somehow, we had no socks for her), and we saw her for a few moments as dinner started. I helped feed Susie a bit and then gave Evan a tour of the place. Again, it was just a short visit to drop off socks and for Evan to see Susie and the new location.

I had been ill from lunch. I had to stay by the toilet for a bit as I had the same problem I had last Saturday. Lunch, kebobs, had no settled, and I was soon emptied out. Ugh!

Before that problem started, I stopped by the gaming store Rainy Day Games and picked up the Castle Amber re-write for the current 5E version of Dungeons and Dragons. This Castle Amber publication is an old Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) adventure published in the 1980s by TSR that I have run a few times; I still have the original version. The last time we tried out the old school system, maybe five years ago or more, which is based on the original Advanced D&D of the 1970s (often called now OSRIC), the adventure Caste Amber ended the experiment–I, as the OSRIC Dungeon Master, killed the whole party. The adventure is unforgiving, like many of the old stuff (and not always logical or internally consistent), and we ended our experiment with OSRIC, as we wanted something that did not waste playtime by killing off the adventures.

The new version of Castle Amber is part of a republication scheme for the old adventures; the inch-thick book contains the AD&D original work and then expands it to fit the new rules and makes some minor corrections. So it is strange that the old AD&D adventure now expands into hundreds of pages to align with all the new rules and requirements for fluff text now the standard.

Aside: Despite the name “Amber,” this is not related to Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber books.

I purchased the revised Caste Amber as I have signed up for the first Judges Guild publication to be done the same way, The Dark Tower Accursed By Set. I wanted to read how they handled the conversion to 5E. For the most part, they kept the story and chaotic nature of the adventure intact. They did suggest the DM play the Amber family members as partially insane and that fits better I think. I am thus looking forward to seeing the new Dark Tower and applied for the top version on Kickstart, including matching miniatures (that have to be painted).

I plan, someday, to play the Dark Tower again in a 5E setting, having owned the original and played it once. It is a campaign sized adventure now. Someday I will find the time to prepare it and play it for six months or so. Someday!

Returning to the narrative, I was at Susie’s new place at 9:20ish, the first time on Saturday. It is only a twenty-minute drive if I drive through Beaverton using Hall Boulevard. I took my laptop, a screen, popcorn, and various cables and dishes. Susie was just finishing breakfast when I got there and I had a cup of coffee while waiting, Michelle and Jenifer were there in the morning. I set up in the Activity Room and Susie and I watched the whole of SInging in the Rain film. It is a fav for both of us and is just under two hours long.

Leta called and I paused the movie, and Susie and she talked for a while on my iPhone using FaceTime.

Susie seemed happy and comfortable with her new place.

I also dropped off the payment for the rest of the month. It is $7400 or so a month for Susie, including some extra care she will need. This is not covered by insurance. Home Health, which is covered by insurance, should soon be coming to help Susie with some Rehab. Now that Susie is “home,” she can have more home-based rehab.

It took only twenty minutes for Air Volvo to reach the new place, Hummingbird House:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

The morning started at about 7AM. I had breakfast of apple sauce and some peanut butter toast with coffee. I was tired when I started and, with the toilet trips, and still run down today.

Thanks again for reading.


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