Story 22May2022: Slower Sunday

I slept until after 7 and was going slow as my first item was the church service at 10:30. No reason to rush. I had breakfast, peanut butter toast and apple sauce with coffee, and just went slow. I read my email and work email. I also have a doctor’s appointment with my chemotherapy folks on Monday afternoon, and I did the online paperwork for that. I also wrote a note to Susie’s doctor about her move to the new place and her need for a smaller wheelchair (her feet do not touch the floor). Finally, I shower and dress in a white shirt and tie (picking an old school banker’s tie).

Air Volvo and I travel without incident to the church in Beaverton near the fountain, First United Methodist Church, though I would suggest there is nothing “United” at the moment with the Methodist. The church is about to break apart over gay rights: see news article here.

It was nice to see the folks and attend a worship service. Unfortunately, the coffee hour did not happen after church, as the infection rates for Covid-19 are climbing in our area.

After church, I did join Dr.Rev. Wayne and Rev. Anne Weld-Martin for lunch. Red Robin was my choice, but it was a bit chaotic. The staff is critically short, and there is only one waiter, and that gal is in training. I managed to order a burger, thinking that anything else was asking for a challenge for the cooking staff, as did Anne and Wayne. We had lots of fries and salads. It all was good.

Next, I waved goodbye to Anne and Wayne and headed to see Susie in Portland (really Tigard, just outside Beaverton). It was only fifteen minutes to the new place from Red Robin. Susie was in her room watching some animal program on her new TV. We are still trying to figure out the cable for her.

We spent some time calling Susie’s mother, Leta, and her sister Barb. I moved Susie outside, and we spent some time just sitting and enjoying the 70F+ temperatures (21C+). The porch overlooks Metzger park and has a nice small lawn with many bird feeders. It was pleasant to just sit outside. Oregon is seldom warm and dry in May!

I left as they moved Susie to a recliner; apparently, Susie has one to use now. I kissed her goodbye and headed to Safeway. There I picked up a few items we needed. There are a few masked shoppers in Safeway, but most folks were unmasked.

I returned to the Volvo Cave, unloaded, and then rested. I also worked on my balloon model a bit. I was wrapping model-sized rope around the basket. I still have quite a ways to go on the basket.

I made a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner and ate it on the deck; it was a lovely day. I am, of course, sneezing, and my eyes are burning from the pollen. The clouds started to come in as the sun went down. I told Corwin that the clouds were Monday coming towards us. He laughed.

I nearly finished the newly published book on the loss of the steamer Sultana. The author has been correcting the story of the wreck from original sources and it has been a very interesting book; a page-turner for me who loves Civil War and shipwreck history.

The wreck, surprisingly buried in a farmer’s field, was identified a few years ago. The wreck has been left alone after the initial investigations in the 1860s and the river slowly buried it and then changed course away from it. It is one of the shipwrecks I wanted to find when I was in high school, but I would never have guessed it is buried under a soybean field in Arkansas.

I have been reading and writing the blog for the evening. Not a very interesting day, but maybe it is nice to have an easy day for once.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

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