Story 23May2022: Calmer Monday

Going backward, I just noticed the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture was re-released in theaters today, the Director Cut. I have never watched the whole film in a sitting. The last time I saw it in pieces on TV, it still used the poor original special effects. These were replaced in 2001 and reworked a bit for the Director Cut. The movie, while it still has long sections of just watching, it was better than I remember it in the TV versions I have seen. So, while there are better Star Trek movies, it was not terrible in this version. It was just very dated. The next film, The Wrath of Khan, is made three years later and much better–legendary.

I got tickets online and had popcorn and a kids-sized diet coke. Corwin went, and he never saw the movie either; he was impressed by what went right and wrong with the film. It was worth a few hours and marvelous to see it again on a giant screen!

Before this, I made dinner. I had slipped out at 3ish and bought a few items to make some of the stuff out of the freezer (ground lamb and onions). So I made coconut-curry lamb meatballs for dinner. We had it with basmati rice; I still have five pounds or more of rice (purchased on discount in the middle of the pandemic–I have no idea why it was so cheap).

I had never made the coconut curry before; it needed some salt, but it was nearly perfect. I did cook too much rice. I made a whole pot of rice with two cups of uncooked rice. But I can keep it for a day or so for lunch, being careful not to mess up my sugar levels!

Before this, me constantly checking my emails and text and Slack messages; I visited with my oncologist and planned my next visit in six weeks. I need a CT scan in about a month. My labs were good. So progress is all good. Colon cancer seems to be in the rearview mirror.

It was strange not to go there for infusions. The doctor was happy to have a quick, uneventful appointment. And that made me happy too. The trip and the appointment were about an hour, so I just slipped it in between meetings.

AIr Volvo took me to Portland to see my doctors. Before this, I stopped at the house for lunch. Again, thinking of Glenda, I found the bacon in the freezer we cooked and froze and made bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese sandwich. I had no mayonnaise, so I put cheese on it. It was perfect with me microwaving the bacon to get it hot again.

I had slipped out using Air Volvo to reach Susie’s new place. It is about twenty minutes each way, so my visit was short. Susie was comfortable in a reclining chair and had a good breakfast–she was not that interested in lunch. Jennifer was there and told me she got Susie going just after 9. I reminded Jennifer that she needs to ensure that Susie is active and up reasonably early; otherwise, Susie can’t sleep at night.

I got to stay for a short visit and called Susie’s mother, Leta, on my iPhone. They had an excellent talk while I chatted with Jennifer. Her kids are fans of Nike. I was soon headed out again as it was a rushed visit.

Before leaving in Air Volvo to head to the Hummingbird House, I had a few meetings at Nike on data conversions. All the exciting work starts on Tuesday after the American holiday, Memorial Day (also the official start of summer in the USA).

My day started at 6:15, and I was cleaned up and dressed by 8ish. I was up late last night, so I was tired in the morning. I always have trouble sleeping on Sunday night.




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