Story 29May2022: Sunday Busy

Sunday morning started at 7:30 with me getting going as I had a busy day ahead of me, including my fourth shot for Covid. Yes, more bolstering is required for those over 50 and are part of house Moderna. I certainly qualify. Thus, the plan is to go to church, see Susie, watch a Harry Potter movie with Susie, grab a quick lunch, get shot, and get home and relax.

I managed to do two loads of laundry by starting the minutes I was up. I washed a set of towels that were already in front of the washer (from Corwin), adding extra towels used in my bathroom. After that was on the dryer, I washed one load of my stuff. I often can do two loads if I want to split it up, but it is smallish today, and I needed my dress shirt, and it needed a wash.

I wrote the previous, Saturday, blog in the morning.

So I did laundry and breakfast. This was followed by me getting dressed and pulling my white shirt from the dryer, mostly dry, adding a tie, and covering it with a sweater. Again, I went with a banker’s tie, not wanting to make a political statement or personal statement. And, I do genuinely love banker’s ties (these are old-style patterns you would imagine a banking VIP would wear back in the days of the film Wall Street). It clashes with my Nike shoes, but I would not wear any other shoes in Beaverton!

I only had time to stack the clean laundry on the floor, but I plan to fold it and put it away on Monday morning. Just too busy and tired today for folding and so on.

I leave with the computer, screen, Bluetooth speaker, and cable and head in Air Volvo to church first. I heard the trolly car alarm on the way as the Volvo auto-braked for a pickup that decided it needed to turn (and slow to a stop) without much warning. I saw and was steering around it when the Volvo panicked. No issues.

At church, the music included getting to sing, in my case poorly singing and losing my place multiple times, two of my favs, The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Navy Hymn: Eternal Father, Strong to Save. The songs, my emotions are closer to the surface now, made me cry a bit. I remembered all the kids and teachers in Texas killed when we sang.

My good friend Dondrea gave the sermon today; she focused on service as a calling and pointed out how service is often dismissed. For example, she quoted extensively from John Glenn; here is that text: Gold Mother Speech. She explained that we find our best selves in service, and even while many folks serve that are not Christain, all the tenets of Christianity are based on service. It was a good message, and I called later and told her that. Dondrea picked Galatians 5:13 as one of her scriptures, and I think it covers her point well (NIV): “My brothers and sisters, God called you to be free, but do not use your freedom as an excuse to do what pleases your sinful self. Serve each other with love.” Excellent.

I had to rush out. Off to Tigard to see Susie. I was careful to keep my phone out of sight and in my pocket. I managed to reach Susie in more rain without incident. I managed to park in a puddle and avoid a few to stop my Nikes from getting messy.

Susie was just resting after breakfast and was back in her wheelchair with me in the activity room. Rachel was on for Sunday (Jennifer had the day off). So we started with the next film: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I enjoyed this movie, and you can see the changes with the new director and changing the actor who plays Dumbledore. I think the action flows better, and the camera work much better. This movie introduces more and more characters and adds the talking voodoo heads that are not in the book. I remember liking the book when it came out, sitting in a bar reading half the book on the day it was published and loved the movie.

Susie enjoyed the movie, and we called Leta, her mother, about halfway through the film, pausing for the call. Leta was happy to see Susie using FaceTime on my iPhone. They chatted for a while, and then we went back to the movie. It is another 2 1/2 hour movie, and I had a hard stop as I had a 3:40 vax appointment at RiteAid. We managed to finish the film, and I left in a hurry with a kiss, and Rachel helped Susie get lunch, now late, after 2PM.

I drove to Popeye’s and ordered their fried chicken, spicy, and had a quick lunch of fried chicken in Air Volvo. I wanted some food in me when I got the Pfizer shot.

I went in and, after a short wait, got my shot from the pharmacist. I was still in my tie and church outfit. I had to take off my shirt as it was in the way (I had a t-shirt under it). I told the pharmacist that I was ready for CPR without my shirt, which she laughed at and then stuck me. I waited 15 minutes before waving and thanking them again. My card is now complete; number four is done!

I do not know if it was lunch or the shot or the rushed morning, but I was exhausted and freezing when I got home. I could not do much but read and take a quick nap.

I finally got going again, too bored to be this tired, and made dinner from the pork chops defrosted in the frig–Glenda should be happy as she always reminds me to eat what we have first. I first pan-fried the chops for this meal after dipping them in egg and bread crumbs with Middle Eastern spices added to the bread crumbs. I then fried the chops in olive oil to set the coating on the stove. Finally, I added preserved lemons, capers, and olives to the pan. I wanted something a bit spicy and salty for dinner. I finished it all in the oven, 350F, for twenty minutes. I made Spanish rice to go with it from a box but added a can of stewed Mexican-styled tomatoes to the rice. That made the rice so much more. I had some canned peaches for dessert.

After that, I read for a bit and then did the dishes. I got a note from Hummingbird House that Susie was back up and watching TV and a pic of Susie. So I sent a pic of me doing the dishes. I think that surprised them.

I decided to write the blog tonight, even though I am tired. I put on a lot of music to help me.

Thank you for reading. I am starting to get very tired, so I will stop here. Good night, dear reader.

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