Story 30May2022: Memorial Day 2022

To begin with, I got a call as I was going to the new Top Gun movie, Maverick, that Susie had fallen at the Hummingbird House. According to Michelle Nixon, the owner of the facilities, Susie was not seriously injured, and I did not have to come and agreed not to transport Susie to the ER. Apparently, Susie decided to get out of bed on her own and fell. Michelle and the staff at Hummingbird House are closely monitoring Susie for a concussion, but she seems OK.

Moving in sort of a swirl from that, I am suffering from cold sensitivity again. It is not too bad in my hands, but I find 70F to be like 55F with a wind. I am shivering. Likely this is caused by the worry from Susie’s fall and the Covid-19 vaccine, Pfizer, that I had yesterday. I am also fatigued now, wearing my sweater and robe and still freezing.

I had just yogurt for dinner as I had a large lunch, and I had almost nonstop flatulence from the Mexican Food. Evan, who came over today to hang out with Susie and me, suffered through Top Gun: Maverick sitting next to me. Oh my!

So before the movie and after seeing Susie, we had drinks and Mexican food at Pepita’s in Beaverton. I had a large beer, a Mexican pizza, and a Chili Relleno that was temperature hot it could have set the table on fire. I was diving for the water.

Next, Evan and I headed to the local tap house, a few blocks away by walking. We grabbed my copy of the board game Architect of the West Kingdom with all the expansions and excellent roll-up map that I kept in the car. We played a relatively fast game for two people, and I won by just a few points this time. I saw the end of the game approaching and then made plays to maximize my end-of-game scoring. Still, I only won by a few points, and this after building a wonder using the new rules.

I found the walk back hard, and I need to be more careful. I am still not very strong.

Before lunch and a board game, we spent more than two hours watching the next Harry Potter film with Susie: Harry Potter and the Wizards’ Cup. Unfortunately, my screen was too dark for a lot of the movie, and we had to switch to just my 13″ screen on my laptop as it was bright enough to see. I remember this being a problem before with this movie. However, the sound was better, and my Bluetooth speaker worked well.

While Evan likes this movie, it is my least favorite. I thought the book was much better at describing the events than the Hollywood version. Also, I remember thinking the special effects were weak, nothing groundbreaking at the time. The film has sections that use dark and dank lighting, but while projecting a menacing feeling, this choice makes the film hard to watch on digital copies.

Evan had come over at 9:30, and from the Volvo Cave, we tool Air Volvo to Susie’s new digs. I was up about 7:30 and did some work on my ballon model this morning and part of last night after finishing the blog.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

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