Story 31May2022: Tuesday

Today I started feeling like I had a hangover from a party I could not remember. So my alarm went off at 6:15, and I moved in five minutes. My first meeting was at 8:30, so I did not have to rush, but I could not go slow. So I read some emails, had breakfast, and then ran to the shower and out the door at 7:40ish. Only to get out of the car and come back in and get my phone. So yes, it is going to be a Tuesday-Monday combo day.

Aside: I corrected the email from yesterday. Hope it was fun to get an anti-drug message from me instead of a link to the blog. It was not my plan nor do I need law advice for drug charges. It was just a mistake. I was looking to reply to a FaceBook post and forgot to redo the copy for the email. Sorry for the mistake!

I am feeling off as I had my Covid-19 cocktail booster (adding Pfizer to Moderna) on Sunday, and it takes two days for me to feel terrible. I had trouble sleeping last night (like before) and found my body not running right on Tuesday morning (like before). Ugh!

Thus Tuesday morning, I had a few meetings that I managed to find a conference room and share with some folks. I headed off to see Susie at 9:45ish as my 9:10 meeting ran short. Air Volvo arrived without incident or raising the crime rates in Beaverton by me touching my phone while driving (for a $265 fine). Susie was up late today as she had fallen last night and then had trouble sleeping (finally sleeping at 2AM). Susie was going slower this morning. Jennifer was caring for her this morning. So she started breakfast, paused, and then we called her mother, Leta, and they chatted for ten minutes.

While they chatted, Jennifer and I went over what plans they are executing after the fall. Susie now has a crash mat next to her bed, and they have lowered her hospital bed when she rests so that if she falls to the mat, it will be a short distance. They are also moving the table away from her at night. This will prevent her from colliding with it in a fall. All good plans.

Susie continued breakfast after finishing her call with her mother. I checked out the crash mat, and it looked perfect. I could only stay twenty minutes on a workday, so I was soon off again with a kiss and back to the shoe company without any events.

I started working on some older stuff I used to do. I was trying to get my mind back to coding and building software. I spent the rest of the day trying out things, fixing old code, and remembering how Amazon cloud servers work. I was proud that my Linux came back to me. My Python was doing OK, but my old code includes items that have been deprecated. I use Python and some of its best libraries for Artificial Intelligence and heavy math routines, but the libraries have made many changes in the past years (Covid-19 did not slow down change)–I have to figure out how to make my code work again. It is hard to keep up!

I stayed through the second status call at work at 4:30. I was exhausted but wanted to be on the first call status with China. It felt good to be back on Zoom calls with 100+ people.

Except for the exhaustion and the getting cold, I felt more like myself today. But, I also took the elevator as I did not trust myself on the stairs. So, I need to be careful!

I ordered a pizza on my phone, not while driving, from Papa Murphy’s. These are take-home and baked pizzas and are a bit cheaper, and they are often better than the delivered cooked pizzas. I also ordered a chicken Ceasar salad to go with it. I picked them up when I got to the strip mall by my house. And arrived home in Air Volvo without incident.

One of my more spectacular Kickstarter items arrived. A new version of a late 1800s art book: Pater. This is a subscription to the new book about Alphonse Mucha‘s work called Pater. I have a few Kickstarters I do just for art, and Art Nouveau is a style, which Macha is known for, that Susie and I both like. Our wedding invitations were in that style. I have two copies and sending another out, soon.

I watched some news; it was depressing, and then I enjoyed pizza and reading. But, that is about it as I am so tired.

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