Story 1June2022: Wednesday

The day started with me waking on time without my alarm on. I was sure I put it on, but I woke anyway. So off to make coffee and breakfast in the morning, yogurt and peanut butter toast. After that, I read emails for a brief few minutes and then went off to the shower and to get dressed. No time this morning for going slow as the first meeting is at 8:00AM.

Next, Air Volvo made a short trip of it, with some traffic on TV Highway due to a stalled car. Arrived with no incidents, and I soon was in a two-hour demo. After that, I had a short break before another two-hour planning meeting. I will not share any details of either meeting, but I say presentation skills at Nike have slipped. Yikes! I did manage to get a coffee, still free, between the meetings.

After the long meetings, I managed to snag a free lunch–still celebrating our return to the office. I had an excellent Cubano sandwich with thin-sliced baked pork and sliced pickles. Nearly perfect, but I wanted a nap an hour later.

But, before the Cubano made me sleepy, I headed out for my daily trip to see Susie. It is about twenty minutes there. So I get twenty minutes with her. Susie was pleased to see me–I was much later as all my meetings took the whole morning. Jennifer let me know that Susie was worried she would have to leave the Hummingbird House. Susie was worried that the fall disqualified her from staying or there was a time limit. But, she is very happy there, and Jennifer and I told her she lives there now and can stay there. Susie was much relieved.

Susie, as usual, spoke to her mother, Leta, on my iPhone. We then sat and held hands for a bit, and then I was out of time. Susie’s face fell slightly when I told her I had to leave, “so soon?” But, I get only an hour during workdays. I will be back the next day and every day after that. I come every day. I forgot to take a picture as Susie was sad to see me go. It is hard some days.

Back to work, more coffee, and a few crises of the moment to make it more interesting. I was working on understanding some cloud operations this afternoon on Azure. I know Amazon’s cloud and have my own account and servers in the cloud, but I felt I needed to learn more about Azure, Microsoft’s offering for cloud services.

So far, I like Amazon better, but I am sure there is something in the Microsoft cloud, called Azure, that I will like–I will keep digging.

I left after the last status meeting. I returned to the Volvo Cave without incident.

I made a salad for dinner, but Corwin eating cold pizza got me to enjoy one piece of cold pizza too.

I noticed that some of my other roses have finally bloomed. Also, the new climbers have buds on them, so we should see the Wedgwood roses soon! Mister Lincoln is starting on some more huge blooms.

The rugosa rose is a Japanese rose that does not mind salt. It has dark green leaves, pointed blooms with dark hair-like fibers, and plain thorns.

Years ago, Heritage roses sold some lost roses. Literally, the roses lost their names, and so they would sell them cheap as “lost.” This is one of them. It is a beautiful modern rose–likely a floribunda rose of some name:

And the damaged and struggling Cardinal Richelieu put out a flower finally. The dark wine-red reminds you of the Cardinal, the bad guy for the Three Musketeers, His Grand Eminence:

I hope that is enough. It was a sad day for me to leave Susie after a short stay (the sadness stayed with me today), but I hope she is less worried now. Susie asked me to have more people visit her in her new home.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

You park in front of the residence or at the basketball court parking nearby. Do not use the front door, but walk around to the back door, the entrance to Allegiance Senior Care (follow the signs). Ring the bell. Someone will let you in. Fill out the screening form and ask for Susie.

Lastly, watched the first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. I liked it and thought it was a good continuation of the story. No spoilers, but it was good and fit the accounts you already know well, at least so far.

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