Story 2Jun2022: Thursday

The day started with me waking up at 6:30AM with no alarm. I had a meeting at 8AM, so I was rushed with me starting late. I managed to find breakfast and made coffee. I then rushed to take a shower and dress. I was out the door on time.

Air Volvo delivered me before 8AM to the office at the shoe company building, Clubhouse. I managed to get to a desk and then a conference room for the first meetings. I was doing OK with the stairs and moving in the morning.

I got a break in my schedule after 9 and headed to Susie’s place at about 10:15AM. I saw none of Beaverton’s Finest on the roads and reached the Hummingbird House.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Susie was still working on her breakfast when I got there. She had a good night, and her speech was clearer this time. Susie now feeds herself and picks up her drinks, usually without choking. Oatmeal today with apple sauce.

When we managed to take a break from the food, we then called Susie’s mother, Leta, who was still headed home when I reached her. She called us back once she was home and chatted with Susie using FaceTime. I was still feeling OK, and after Leta rang off, I took Susie for a short tour in her wheelchair outside. We did the porch and then out to the street. It was still cold, so I did not head to the park, Metzger Park, next door.

I ran a bit long, as Susie was sad when I left yesterday, and so we had a forty-minute visit. I then rushed, but not speeding, back to work. I was there only for a few minutes. After that, I had a lunch meeting on some new ideas and work I was thinking about. None I can cover here. It was a productive lunch.

Next, I returned to work. And I soon felt terrible. I managed to walk into a wall. I was not sure if it was lunch, exhaustion, or the Covid-19 shot I had on Monday (likely the cause), and I told Brad I would head home. “Are you OK to drive,” Brad asked? I told him I thought I was OK. I did take the elevator. I made it home without incident, with Air Volvo seeming to know the way without my help. I sent Brad a text that I was OK.

I rested and slept for about two hours. I was still woolly-headed, but I felt better with some rest. Feels like a Covid-19 shot reaction and also suffering from allergies (pollen numbers for grasses are high).

So I decided to make dinner.

I found the frozen precooked salmon from WholeFoods. I microwave it until it is thawed, cover it with local seasoning, and bake it to get it hot. Comes out nice. I made corn, also biscuits, with both being frozen Schwann’s products. So I reduced more frozen food and had a nice healthy meal of salmon. Corwin liked it.

I saw that the furnace controls wanted the filter replaced. So I climbed on a chair and replaced the filter. It takes no time. When I was taking the ash-gray-stained old filter (they start white) to the trash, it is trash, and recycling on Friday, I met the neighbors, Harper and Chris (Chris is Harper’s mother) who live next door, and they asked about Susie and my health. We then toured all the roses at the house. Chris loved the roses and the new ones she could see from the fence between our houses. I am sure they will want to see them when the new roses bloom in about a month (or less if the rains are gone next week).

I then went inside and wrote the blog.

Here are the roses now much more in bloom.

Mister Lincoln has another flower and is likely to bloom all month.

Pink moss has a lovely scent that fills the air. I have the window open next to it. It will bloom all month but only blooms once.

David Austin’s Herbalist, nearly impossible to find now, is a continual blooming rose that hints back to the Rose of Lancaster it is named after, which only blooms once.

The painted rose, an impossible to get rose with call letters are “MACpic”, is repeat blooming and looks like a white rose that has been painted red, like in the Alice in Wonderland story

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