Story 3June2022: Busy Friday

I went to bed at about 11ish, still not having written anything. Instead, I kept getting distracted by good things. I had stayed up with David and Michelle Smith on the phone and watched the newest episode of Obi-Wan Kanobi (that I had to learn to spell) on Disney+. We did a viewing group and could sync the watching here in the Volvo Cave and Smtih Mountain.

In the show, Obi-Wan Kanobi, or just Ben, as the character states many times, was good the second time. Again, this is a feature of excellent Star Wars films and now episodes–you can see it repeatedly and still want to see it again. Recommended.

Before this, I was resting a bit. I had dinner and drinks with Evan at a Thai place. While the drink was good, my food was terrible, and thus I will not name the source. I think it is not OK to criticize someone or someplace on social media when they have no means to refute your negative assertions. This blog is about my experiences and sometimes my opinions, not a place to punish folks.

Before this, we, Evan and I, located Central Station Taps in Beaverton, a beer-only place with nice tables, and it is around 4ish; they had not yet got the Friday night crowd. We were thus able to get a table to play a board game and a few beers before they filled up. I brought the board Concordia this time. I brought Venus and Salsa add-ons, but we only added the Forum to the base game. Evan decided on the basic map.

Evan played well, and I could feel him forcing me to act fast and efficiently. I made only one mistake in the game when I picked to build some trading posts in cities in different providences instead of pilling on one of Evan’s best builds in a providence that happened to have two adjacent farm cities (food). For me, having the Farmer and Weaver card and buying an additional Architect at the very start of the game gave me the game.

In many really simple turn but challenging strategy games, you need to focus on what you have purchased and make it work instead of trying to do everything. This is the secret to Concordia and other board games–may be the secret to life. Also, there are always those end-of-game conditions, and having all your colonists on the board is worth many points at the finish and gives you more options until the game ends. To win, you need to keep working towards the final goals balancing that with your short-term goals–also a secret to life.

Before all the beer, food, and gaming, Evan and I visited Susie at the Humminbird House. I brought a larger screen that plugs into the wall, suitable for dark Harry Potter images. We watched the fifth movie, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We were between breakfast and lunch when we arrived around 12:30ish. Susie often skips lunch and eats dinner instead. This was true when she worked for Marriott years ago. So her lunch would be 2-3PM or not at all.

The film was still good after all these years. Like the Star Wars shows, this is one I could watch repeatedly. The actors, and they’re a lot of them now, are into their characters, and the special effects no longer look added but are included in the movement of the actors. Spell casting is no longer flipping a wand about; it is more visceral and causes smoke. Now, all the bad guys come into the story and have more extended appearances adding to the dread and drama of the story. Starting with this movie, Bellatrix’s insane laugh starts to haunt us. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are among the best ones. It is Susie’s fav, and Evan gives it high marks too.

Aside: I set this up in the Activity room so we don’t bother the other four residents.

Going back, Susie was happy to see me; she was waiting for me. I was there after making a stop at the pharmacy (prescriptions were running out) and getting some lunch (a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye’s), and getting gas ($90!). I noticed today that Susie is speaking more, she is still hard to understand, but I hope that will improve. Susie says, “I am trying.”

Before getting to Hummingbird House, I talked to the gas pump jockey, and apparently, he is the manager for the Chevron Station on TV Highway. He complained that he has to pump gas as he cannot find folks who can make a change, do the basic paperwork, and be reliable. He also complained about how much gas costs and told me that the sign was wrong, he had not updated it yet, and I was paying even more than it said! He has been raising prices every other day.

Before listening to the gas station woes, I was home working a typical work-from-home Friday for the shoe company. This meant laundry, dishes, and even a bit of basic model work while listening to meetings and reading endless updates in my work email, texts, and Slack updates. It was a busy morning with me fitting in a shower and dressing between calls.

I woke at 6:15, made coffee, and had yogurt for breakfast with a biscuit. I slept well but could have used more sleep. I was tired most of the day.


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