Story 8July2022: Late Wednesday Post

I was playing a board game at Richard’s house in Portland, so I did not get home in time to write. Also, I had work meetings until 5ish and other medical things to deal with, so I could not write it in the morning.


Going backward, I got to bed at about 11PM with me reading until I started to fall asleep while reading. I always find this strange, and I fall asleep dreaming about the storyline I was reading and then wander off in s dream-like state to some other thread. I often awaken as I suddenly realize I am not reading the book as my thoughts are not fitting the story, or when the Kindle hits me when it falls out of my hand.

So I managed to get a few minutes in on the book that I really started to enjoy and then put it away as I fell asleep twice reading. I am now able to be fully asleep and still hold the Kindle. Susie used to find that funny when she looked over and realized I was sleeping with my Kindle open. I would, of course, deny I was asleep, “just resting my eyes.” That would get me an eye-roll or other comment.

Before putting away the Kindle and sleeping, I took Air Volvo home from downtown Portland: Richard’s house. We played a new board game, Western Legends, and all gave it good marks. It is a dudes-on-a-board with a light element of role-playing, but mostly worker placement and point scoring for goals. It used a deck of playing cards for gun fights and general combat, with the high-card winning. Something I have seen before in many dudes-on-a-board games and even Role Playing Games (RPG). This game did not have a campaign like some other board games with a touch of RPG, so it reminded me of Blood Rage and even Pandemic.

I played Butch Cassidy and had an old west-styled figure with my color, black, added as a ring to the bottom of the miniature. For my play, I went with the outlaw approach (the lawman approach is easier I think) as it matched my color and character. I managed to fight and win most of my gun fights, deposited the gold I stole in the bank, robbed the same bank, and generally had a great time being the outlaw. The Marshal eventually caught and defeated me, but I managed to tie for second place in a six-person game. Unfortunately, I could not catch up to Richard’s points with final scoring, the game being too new for me to know all the ways to get Legendary Points, but I got quite a few. Next time!

I would recommend the game, just the base game is what we played, and I always like a game where you can play Poker as an action. So if you want something more board game than RPG, and like the theme of the Old West and Poker playing with cattle stealing, then this would work for you.

I left work to reach Richards after 5ish with my last meeting running it full length. I drove Air Volvo to Portland in some traffic, but not too bad. I picked up a shake and french fries at McDonald’s on the way and ate them in the car. Richard and Shauna also served cheese and crackers. I was introduced to four folks I had not played with before. We then dived into the new game. Learning Western Legends mostly as we went. Again, we all enjoyed the game.

Still going backward, work in the afternoon was some meetings, updates, and a few crises of the moment. I had free lunch and coffee. Getting a savory crepe wrap with brisket-style beef sliced up with veggies for lunch. It was tasty. Coffee was, despite my diabetes, sweat chia as I needed the pick-me-up.

Before all the meetings, emails, text, slack messages, and Zooming, I slipped out to see Susie. Susie was finishing breakfast and was feeling better today. The rest and sleep seemed to help. As usual, I called Susie’s mother, who we caught just as she was pulling into the garage at her house. Susie and Leta had a friendly chat. I had a quick visit as I had to get back to work.

Before this, I was at work, arriving there before 8AM. The first status meeting is at 8. My drive was easy. I started at 6:15 with a shower and then some breakfast with liberal coffee. I slept well, but, as usual, I could have slept the day away. Some day!


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