Story 7June2022: Tuesday

The morning started with me regretting waking. My alarm woke me at 6:15, but I felt certain I should have had more time and rested for another 15 minutes. I then got up, hopped into the shower, and got dressed. Next, I made coffee–liberal coffee, found a yogurt for breakfast, and read email, text messages, and Slack notices, rushing through all of this. Finally, I managed to climb into Air Volvo just after 7:20 and drove to the office at the shoe company before my first meeting at 8:00AM.

I had a lot to read and follow with the data conversions running nearly perfect for the new software. I managed a few crises of the moment and meetings overlapping. A busy few hours.

I then walked out to see Susie. Air Volvo seems to know the way, and I had no incidents and ignored any messages on the phone while driving! No crimes were committed.

Susie was in her recliner when I got there (after filling out the paperwork) and looking grumpy. Susie said she felt awful and was too tired to eat breakfast and would not have lunch. Susie seemed upset that she felt terrible and could not eat. To make matters worse, I could not reach her Aunt Glenda for the daily call (her mother was out this morning and afternoon). Susie just wanted to sleep, and I asked Jennifer to put Susie back in bed.

I was worried that we would be headed to the ER or I would get called back in the late of the night.

I returned to the shoe company in Air Volvo using highway 216, often called the Devil’s Bowling Ally. The southbound lane of 216 was blocked now (I had just used it) with a wreck of a 5th-wheel trailer and an RV. Ambulances and police cars were everywhere. It was terrible to see–someone’s vacation had gone terrible.

I managed to get back to work at about 11:30, taking a few extra minutes with Susie when she felt so bad. For me, lunch was a chicken pita from the Twisted Gyro truck–Free lunch via a truck and coffee are still being offered at Clubhouse to celebrate our return to the building.

I ate at my desk and started looking at more offerings from Azure from Microsoft. I also was happy to learn more about Pytorch. I spent a few hours reading and trying out Azure and Pytorch.

After work, I did a few more status meetings and then headed back to Susie’s place. The traffic was much worse at rush hour, but soon, without accidents, Air Volvo reached the Hummingbird House. Susie was back in her recliner and was feeling much better. The rest helped. Susie was ready for dinner. We managed to call Leta, Susie’s mother, and then her Aunt and Uncle, Glenda and Gene. Susie was delighted to chat with all of them.

Again, she was feeling much better. But, Susie was sad to have me leave as the nurse aide started up dinner for them, but it was time for me to get moving on. I kissed her goodbye and headed back into Air Volvo. My worries were relieved.

Mariah, a friend, had sent me a text to meet her at BJ’s for dinner at about 7ish. I was there, after enjoying Portland-Beaverton traffic, thirty minutes early. I got a beer and waited. I ordered a fried mac and cheese ball appetizer (it was strangely excellent and appalling at the same time). I had the ribs, ordering enough to take some home, and Mariah had the steak.

We talked about various subjects. Mariah wants me to get a muscle car; not likely at this time. We talked a little about writing. I am already thinking about writing my next 500-word horror story for the H.P. Lovecraft Portland Film Festival–I won last year’s contest.

Mariah and I said our goodbyes. I could hear her start her car across the parking lot! I was home soon and rested and read for about an hour.

I got a package of special rose food from Heritage Roses. I am hoping to help my two stressed roses.

I then started the blog. I am fatigued tonight, and to make it worse, I have back pain–I never have back pain. I took some Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the pain. The pain is fading.

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