Story 6June2022: Monday

The day, like most Mondays, starts with my alarm at 6:15AM. Meetings begin at 8AM, so I jumped right into the shower and dressed. I then found some yogurt in the frig and had that with coffee; I had breakfast as I read emails, text, and Slack messages to get caught up.

I was ready for the status meetings starting at 8AM, going to 10ish. During the status and some more software meetings, I slipped out to cut a few roses from our plants here at the Volvo Cave. I found a small vase and headed to see Susie.

I started from the Volvo Cave; it took about 30 minutes to reach the Hummingbird House. Air Volvo got me there without incident. Susie was just finishing breakfast when I arrived and was happy to see me in the morning. We called her mother, Leta, and they chatted for a bit on my iPhone.

I then took Susie to visit the park, Metzger Park, next door. It was cool in the shade and comfortable in the sunlight, so it was comfortable once we got off the porch. Dogs were being walked everywhere. A mother with two daughters played on the basketball court (using chalk to decorate it). One of the girls ran for the door and headed to the street with her mother running after her. There were no cars, and mom reached her in time and pointed out the road to the little girl). I was laughing, and the mother smiled.

Susie enjoyed the short trip and the drama. Soon I was out of time and kissed her goodbye. I managed to return home without incident.

I then ordered a Monte Cristo Sandwich from the La Provence Orenco and an extra croissant for later. I planned to eat 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner. Grubhub delivered the sandwich in less than an hour; still hot.

I handled a few crises of the moment and carefully followed along on the email and Slack messages all afternoon. More status meetings at 4ish. As planned, I had the 1/2 sandwich for dinner–it was wonderful. Sadly, I was not thinking and left out the croissant, and Corwin had it with his dinner (he finished off the salmon from Wholefood)–no croissant with coffee for me in the morning. I should have ordered two croissants!

While all this was going on, I washed my bedding. Then, I remade the bed and read for the evening. I did try to do some writing, but I was too tired to write very much on a Dungeons and Dragon adventure I had started when the chemotherapy made it hard to do anything but sit. I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember clearly the great ideas I had for the adventure. But, I find they will come back to me–I just remembered one idea. No chemo head, just me having too much on my mind.

I am sleepy and will read for the evening.

My mother, Barb Wild, fell on Saturday night and is now recovering at home. She was not seriously hurt, but it was a bit scary at first.

Evan called me and let me know he visited Susie for a few minutes at lunchtime.

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