Story 10Jun2022: Friday

The morning came too soon at 6:15, and thus I stayed in bed until 7ish. I was tired and fought fatigue all day. This is a work-from-home day; Nike has employees work three days a week in the office–Monday and Friday are working from home days. Thus, not using the video camera in my first meetings, I was dressed later.

The first status meetings of the day are at 8 and 8:30. I do laundry, two loads in the morning, and get showered and dressed mid-morning. I have only granola bars for breakfast and have two with coffee. This gains me a sugar crash late morning, not improving my day.

I slip out between meetings to Safeway and buy five bags of necessaries, all food. Safeway was not busy, but few people wear masks now, and they have DIY checking meaning that I waited for three people ahead of me to be checked out the usual way. Safeway used to ensure that you never waited, but now they are trying to force you into the DIY process. I am not doing DIY checking for five bags of groceries!

I regret this whole process and will likely return to online grocery purchases and home delivery. The car loading and loading would have been avoided if I used the online. Next time!

Returning to online, I follow along at work, there is a lot of work this weekend and I am on call. I help with a few crises of the moment, and so far, I am not needed over the weekend. I bought a salad and Pacific-style clam chowder while grocery shopping and have them for lunch.

I end my day at about noon and board Air Volvo after collecting some roses for Susie. I am surprised to find my Japanese roses looking trampled and other rose bushes to be a bit beat-up. The rain was so intense last night that some canes are broken! I cut some of the breakages away.

Susie is happy to see me at noonish after arriving in Air Volvo without incident. I put the laptop in the activity room and collect Susie for a video visit with her doctor. We start watching music videos after waiting more than an hour for the call to start. They called and let me know they are running behind.

We call Leta, Susie’s mother, while we are waiting. Susie and Leta chat for a while.

Even after I checked everything, we still had a sound issue when our doctor finally started the call and that took me a minute to fix. Doc was happy to see Susie and me. Susie had a mic that also controlled the sound and once accidentally started playing music in the middle of the meeting. Doc began to dance while I rushed to stop it. Funny!

Even though it is Susie’s appointment, the doc asks me about my health. Next, we talk about my XC60 Volvo as he needs a new car soon and was curious about what I was driving now. We often talked with our doc about trips we take and how to manage our life and investments. I think I give as much advice on that as I get.

Doc will arrange for some Home Health to see if we can improve Susie’s transfers. It would be great if she could get into the car. He is also retiring and we will need to find a new primary care physician. We wished him well and we agree on how much fun it has been over these years. We will miss him!

After the video conference, Susie had lunch, some soup, and a glass of milk. I hung out while she ate. Jennifer then set-up a comfy chair for Susie in activity room and moved Susie to the chair.

I also open the box that Leta, Susan’s mother sent her. A hummingbird wind spinner and night glow light.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 was the next movie we planned. I put up the big screen and we watched the film together, more than two hours long. I was now sleepy, but this is not the kind of movie you sleep through! I have seen this a few times and always liked it. The movie, again like Part 1, is better than the book, I think. However, the film seems better edited.

After I finished the movie, Susie had Vanessa as a nurse as Jennifer was on a break over the weekend, Susie was moved back to the wheelchair and wheeled to the dining table to join all the other residents in dinner. I said good night, got a kiss from Susie, and took Air Volvo back to the Volvo Cave.

I called Corwin and we agreed on making dinner. We had gnocchi with mushrooms and Italian sausage (from the freezer) in the sauce from a jar. Corwin had cleaned the kitchen before I got home and I did most of the cooking.

I tried to eat and watch a show on Netflicks, but now I was approaching exhaustion and took instead took a nap. I got up about 9:30ish to write the blog and take my last pills. I am still tired.


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