Story 10June2022: Wet Saturday

I slept in a bit this morning. I was up and moving about 7ish. I made liberal Fair Trade coffee and had a plain locally made bagel with chives and onion smear and capers from a jar. Now, I was feeling better and more like myself.

Using two laptops, I logged into work and looked at my personal stuff (on my Mac) and my work stuff (on my Windows machine from Nike). This has been my usual setup since the lockdown. Sometimes I would even put up a third screen and have the Bloomberg news running on it. Today just two screens.

After catching up with the news and work items, nothing really critical on either, I attend two back-to-back Zoom status meetings. Yes, even on a Saturday–the data conversions for the project are going on 7/24, so I keep an eye on it. So far, I am not needed; I am usually required for emergencies and disasters. So far, everything is running to plan or better. Boring is good.

My plans are to take Saturday slow and easily. I would love to head to Portland and see the DD-1001, USS Michael Monsoor, that is visiting Portland, but I can’t risk the flu, cold, or Covid variants that are out there now. The ship is a unique destroyer that was an attempt to build the cruiser of the future–it was not a complete success, but I am a fan. Moving to why I can’t head to the Rose Festival, I would likely experience a severe case if I were to get ill. Chemotherapy has messed with my immune system, and I am still generally weak. Worse, Susie would not be able to have me visit for an extended time. That would be unacceptable, so I will stay away from crowds still.

I head to see Susie after dressing at about 10ish, not in a hurry as this is the weekend. The nurse, Vanessa, has Susie up and ready, knowing I would likely appear in the morning for a movie. Susie and I use the activity room, and I set up the next Harry Potter movie. This new movie is from the following series: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Before we started the movie, we called Leta, Susie’s mother. They had a short chat.

I have not seen this movie in a few years, and once again, it is very dark, and Susie, I can see, is unhappy with the black screen. It is pretty dark for me too. However, I like the acting and the muggle baker in the story. He is the most believable character, and we get to see the Wizarding World through his discoveries.

The amount of computer graphics, CG, is a bit much, but they have retained the feel of the last Harry Potter movies. Magic casting is more visceral, and the results are smoky. The goblins and house elves are much more American and gangster-like. A nice touch. I also like the American piano music playing when Jacob Kowalski, the muggle baker, is the focus. Generally, I like the movie, but it is a departure from the previous film and introduces so many characters that it seems like a directory, not a story. Recommended with reservation.

At first, Susie was not too excited to do this movie but seemed very happy to have seen it again. I am unsure how much she remembers of it as we saw it when Susie started having memory issues. But I think she is pretty satisfied with it today.

Vanessa put Susie back in her wheelchair. Susie is in a recliner when watching the movie to be more comfortable. Vanessa got Susie her lunch.

I left Susie with a kiss. She was sad to have me go, but I have chores, and sitting for hours is nothing I need to do more of. So Susie put on a brave face and said, “I will be fine.”

I drove home. Next door, for $585,000, is for sale now. I expected it to go up for sale, but seeing the for-sale sign go up is always a shock.

I went inside and made bratwursts for a late lunch. I bake them in the oven as that is easy. I found a can of baked beans to go with it. I added some of the bacon we had frozen to the beans. It was good. I left half of it for Corwin, who was back at about 3:30.

I folded the laundry and put it away. I also unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. Lastly, I also started clearing off some items on my work table. I want to start painting figures, which needs a much more organized workspace.

I finished the ballon model, so I am putting away the rigging and various supplies I bought for that project. That should give me much of my space back. I am also putting away the robot parts until I return to that project.

I visited the realtor next door and told him, Stan, to contact me with anything I could help with. I want my neighbors to get a reasonable price as they have only had it for a year and will likely barely break even.

I read and rested a bit. I get going again and drive to the local Ace Hardware and get some potting soil, traps for ants, and some yellow jacket traps (for the summer, which will come someday). I next stopped by Rainy Day Games and got some paint; I used up my bottles of Leather Brown and Desert Yellow paints. I also saw a new edgy role-playing game, MOTHERSHIP, and bought the module, A Pound of Flesh. I will see if this is anything I am interested in. I often buy an adventure of a SciFi RPG before I buy the rules to see if I like the play material (rules are less telling). I chat with the staff–we are all waiting for Covid to stop so we can play again at the store. Someday! I saw a few tempting games but resisted everything except the $15 paper book. I got off cheap today!

When I return to the house, I order some sauces and other items from that we use for North African flavors. If you can find Les Moulins Mahjoub, Tibar Sauce, it is recommended. I have to order it online.

I then made tacos for dinner, using the ground beef in the freezer. After that, I started to watch the new version of Dune again, but it is long, and I have to write this blog and get more done in the house.

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