Story 12June2022: Busy Sunday

Going backward, I went to bed a bit early, at 10:30ish. I was tired from the busy day. I was on the phone just before going to bed with David and Michelle Smith. We used the group watching feature of Disney+ to watch together the next episode of Obi-wan Kenobi (which I had to learn to spell). This episode is the classic good versus evil rescue mission that we love in Star Wars, and they get it right. It has movie-quality special effects and sound. This was the second time I have seen this episode, and like all good Star Wars stuff, it was good the second time. Recommended.

I was reading before this. I have finished A Desolation Called Peace (Teixcalaan Book 2), a space opera story. I found it a bit hard to follow, and it jumped from one account to another with glee as if written on a trampoline. But, this feeling may be from my current recovery status and not the book, as I feel like life is a trampoline (sudden up and down and a loss of control, but strangely still fun). Thus I would still recommend for Space Opera lovers the Teixcalaan series

I have started Eric Stross’s newest Laundry Files book, Quantum of Nightmares. He has published two books centered on the Laundry with Quantum of Nightmares covering a continuation of the story of Imp’s friends and family in the UK ruled by the Lovecraft’s Dark Pharaoh in a sort of blending of Lovecraft-Delta Green-Douglas Adams. Eric mixes references to Cthulhu myths, concrete mathematics (a particular branch of mathematics based on computers), computer hacking, cryptography, and basic electronics in a very dark comedy–all topics that touch on things I enjoy. In the next book, Escape from Yokia Land, the author is finally returning to his previous main character and narrator, Bob, and my favorite of his characters. I am happy Eric Stross found his way back to Bob. The pages fly by when I read these.

Returning to the story, before this, I was at Cory’s house playing Dungeons and Dragons 5E. Cory is an old friend that has played games with us for over ten years. He is a retired sea captain and, as I met him, a retired Nike security person (physical security and not computer stuff). Cory lost his legs in battles with illness, so we play at his house to make it easier on him. We stopped playing during much of the Covid-19 lockdown.

In the game of D&D 5E, I am playing a drunken master monk, an all-combat character, with a style of play that would is more Jackie Chan than current over-the-top wire-fu shows. I don’t usually play combat characters, but monks, with all their mythical abilities in D&D, appeal to me.

No spoilers here, but I can say that at one moment, I had used up all my cool monk powers and had only a few hit points left. A D&D battle where you are titering on defeat is always the best. Thanks to our DM, Matt (or M@), for a great game and all the other players for making it work.

We also got to use the ballon model I made for the game. M@ will use it at the other games he hosts at his house. Excellent.

Before heading to Cory’s place (just across 26 just outside of Beaverton), I stopped by Burger King and ordered a burger meal. I had a salad for lunch and a quick breakfast, so I needed some protein and calories. I parked the car and ate it in the car before the game.

I came from Susie’s place, Humming Bird house.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Susie and I had just enough time this Sunday afternoon (I was rushing all day) to watch a shorter movie. So I played An American in Paris (1 hour 54 minutes) instead of another Harry Potter Wizarding World movie (2 hours 14 minutes). This is a movie from the Golden Age of Movies, as they say. It is singing and dancing and, in this case, uses modern music (from the 1950s) based loosely on music by George Gershwin. The dancing is terrific, and the storyline is weak. It also, like a later film by Gene Kelly, SInging in the Rain, ends abruptly with a forced Hollywood happy ending, but as it is one of the films that define Hollywood’s happy endings, that is forgiven. Susie said, “it was wonderful.” I had to kiss and run once the movie stopped. I had to get to Cory’s in less than an hour.

Before getting to Susie’s place, I had lunch with Wayne and Anne Weld-Martin at Sherry’s off of 185th (not near Susie’s place). Unfortunately, I also forgot my Dungeons and Dragons book (and other items that remained left behind this time), so I had to leave lunch early to fly Air Volvo to the house, grab the books, and drive all the way back to Beaverton and to Susie’s place. It was crazy.

Lunch was after Wayne preached, and Anne did the prayers and pastor sections of the worship service. Dondrea and her daughter Zophia ran the soundboard and other items for an online experience. Dondrea was running back and force as she was also leading worship and working with our choir director and organist, Howard, to get the music right. Somehow it all came together and worked (even when Wayne switched out a hymn).

As I said, I had a salad, Sherry’s did not have the wontons for my Asian Salad, but it was still good. Wayne had breakfast, some of the first food he had had in days. Wayne has been unwell for most of the week. Wayne gave a more Baptist-styled sermon today, even tired, and it was well-received by the Methodists.

Before church, I dressed and got ready after sleeping in until 7ish. I slept better on Saturday night even after taking Saturday slow.

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