Story 13June2022: Monday the 13th

Despite the day’s unlucky number, thirteen, the day started normally with me getting going without rushing. This is a work-from-home day, Monday and Friday, so I did not have to commute to work or get dressed early. I also could do laundry and cook dinner while listening to meetings. So the first two hours were meetings, getting cleaned up, and off in Air Volvo to see Susie.

The trip was uneventful but always seemed longer when passing through Beaverton. Jennifer is back this Monday and training a new person. Susie was just getting started on breakfast when I got there.

Susie feeds herself and can now lift a small cup and drink from it. But, today, her hand was not quite working for her. Jennifer thought Susie was tired from the weekend, two movies with me.

We called Leta, Susie’s mother, and Susie and Leta chatted for a while. After the call, she went back to eating. I could only stay about twenty minutes, so I was soon headed out with a kiss. Susie was sad to see me leave so soon, but it was a work day.

I drove Air Volvo directly home and made a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I spent the afternoon following along with the shoe company and recommending a few things, no crises for this Monday.

I listened to the status meeting while defrosting some beef for dinner. Dinner tonight is goulash beef from a recipe in a German cookbook Michael G’s parents gave me years ago–in English with American measuring. I added cut-up potatoes to the recipe.

I also made scones as a snack. I have a few aging boxes of holiday flavors, so I baked one of those, gingerbread. It has been a while since I have felt strong enough to make dinner and bake a treat. Excellent (and did the dishes and a load of laundry plus putting it away).

Corwin and I talked and agreed it was time for him to move out. He is now looking for a place to live. I will also donate some spare furniture (in the garage) if he needs that. It is a friendly process and not rushed.

I watched some of the news while eating the goulash. As it was BBC news, it had the usual focus on UK issues. Apparently, the strange Brexit Ireland and Northern Ireland agreement for Ireland being in the EU and Northern Ireland sort of in the EU is having problems. The cost of living in Northern Ireland includes some kind of EU taxes and is upsetting the folks there. It was all interesting, sort of.

The stock market continues to tank. There is a panic about a possible recession. I am ignoring this.

I finished the blog early tonight, so I can do some figure painting work. Likely I will just be getting more organized, but it is nice to get back to some familiar and happy items.

Also on familiar things, my friends, Brian and Gwen, are getting their Horror film festivals going this year here in Portland and Rhode Island. I am looking forward to the October H.P. Lovecraft Portland Film Festival. I have already been thinking of a 500-word story to write this year.

That is about it dear reader, thanks for following along!

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