Story 14June2022: Non-stop Tuesday

I was up at 5:45 to make a meeting at 7:30 in the office. I was not rushed, but I could not slow down and just drink coffee. So I was in Air Volvo before 7 and at the office just after 7–I had to turn on the lights in our section; I was the first in.

As usually happens, the meeting I came for was canceled. I saw that at 11:30PM on Monday night, it was decided not to do the early morning meeting. C’est la vie. I then followed along on the hour of meetings starting at 8. Next, as we were still waiting to start the big process, I slipped out to see Susie. With more traffic now, Air Volvo passed through 217 traffic (known to some as the Devil’s Bowling Ally); I reached the Humming Bird house without incident.

I got there, and Jennifer was surprised to see me at 9ish (I am usually 10:15ish), and Susie was not ready. Also, Jennifer was training a new gal, so it was taking longer than usual for Susie to appear. So I just waited, but I had only twenty minutes.

Soon, Susie was ready, but most of my time was gone, but I decided to stay a bit longer as the big project stuff seemed to be running late at the shoe company. So I stayed with Susie for a while and tried to reach her mother on the phone, but Leta missed the call. So I just stayed with Susie for a bit while she ate.

Susie is always unhappy when I leave. Today, Susie had slept poorly–getting to bed about 2AM the night before and was a bit grumpy. Susie said she would be OK but did not want me to leave. I understood; soon, she relented, gave me a kiss, and I headed out.

Evan stopped by later to say hello too. So Susie had two visitors today!

Air Volvo and I were dodging dump trucks and flying rocks from these trucks on the way back. Nevertheless, I managed to avoid any damage while on the narrow passage that is 217 in heavy traffic. I was soon back in the office.

We are still getting free Star Bucks coffee from the coffee stand, and two lunch trucks provide free food. I stayed with the Twisted truck that makes a great pita Mediterranean-style lunch. I had the Greek Gyro. I always ask what the recommended, and today it was Greek, the lamb. Wonderful.

We waited as more tasks were running late, and finally, we started on our big tasks. I am primarily a tourist, but it has been five years of work to get here. Brad, my boss, had me put in one of the trouble tickets for one of our data issues. I had to remember how to use the defect creation process; I have not used it since I was out in October 2021! It took me a while, but it is always fun to learn something and, in this case, to remember something.

More runs and more meetings. I left after the last status meeting of the evening. Air Volvo seemed to drive itself home. Soon I was back online and following along. I am tired, so I order Chinese food delivered. There will be leftovers, so it works out for dinner on Wednesday.

I cut some roses for Susie. Unfortunately, these have wicked thorns, and I did not escape without being perforated. However, I did notice that the strange weather has affected the roses. The bushes have gone giant long canes and then fall or break. I have never seen my roses grow this fast before. The thorns are huge and sharp too!

Between checking the progress of things online, I am painting primer on some figures–back to painting! Last night, after finishing the blog, I worked on drilling and pinning two broken figures–3D printed 28mm Dungeons and Dragon scale figures are fragile and easily break.

This repair is tiny work, and I was relieved that my hands, eyes, and mind could still handle the delicate repairs. I was not sure until now if I had recovered my skills. I used my pin vice, tiny carbon drill bits, my bifocal safety glasses (yes, they make those), and my hands to do the work. The repairs were perfect. Painting next!

I read some more of Eric Stross, and the pages fly by. I am back online often to follow along. There is a meeting to hand over to India at 9PM. Archana takes over. I am online chatting with the system support as the process seems slow. There is no detected issue–it is just slow.

I am writing the blog while following along on my work laptop. Dual tasking.

Thanks for reading!


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