Story 21June2022: Summer Solstice 2022

Morning came like an unbidden call to sell you a warranty on your car, unwelcomed. However, I managed to get going without a delay as this is Tuesday and I have to be in the office for my first meeting at 8. Meetings then continue until passed 10AM. All the meetings are on Zoom even though we are back in the office. I am still masked, having just recently completed chemotherapy, and am happy to call in.

I spend the morning on status. The go-live for our project is in two weeks, and so status is serious business now. But, mostly, the project and the installation are going according to plan.

I am taking the elevator at work now. No more stairs for me until a few more months have gone by, and I feel up to some exercising, and the fatigue stops. I just don’t realize how tired I am somedays, and resisting gravity can be unexpectedly tricky.

Once the meetings were out of the way, I boarded Air Volvo and traveled to Tigard to see Susie. I had a box full of roses I cut the night before from our garden, slightly faded in the heat in the car, that Jennifer used to fill the vase for Susie after I arrived. Unfortunately, I forgot my mask and to sign in, but I got the mask on once I noticed I had forgotten it.

Everyone loves the roses and their pleasant scent.

When I got there. Susie had already finished breakfast and was in her assigned recliner in the living room with the other residents relaxing or watching TV. Jennifer was making breakfast for the late risers–the smell of bacon reminded me that I had only a light breakfast of peanut butter toast and coffee in a rush to drive to a Zoom meeting (!?).

Susie used my iPhone to talk to her mother, Leta, and they chatted for about ten minutes. Susie was a bit animated and spoke better. All hopeful signs.

Soon, my time was up as I got only about twenty minutes, and with a kiss from Susie left and reboard Air Volvo. I soon returned to work.

Lunch was free again at Clubhouse (the name of our building at the shoe company), but there was only one food truck, and it soon ran low on food. So I had the chicken with a side of vinegar coleslaw. The chicken was cooked, but just and the slaw was not great. It was also small portions. I understand that free pizza was provided later as a worthy replacement.

I received an email that a package had moved up its delivery day to today. And it being from Ukraine would require a signature. So I took Air Volvo home and worked the rest of the day from home. I was happy to meet the mailman with the package at the door and sign for it. It was in perfect shape. Excellent!

The rest of the day was quiet, as we had few issues other than timing changes to the conversion plan. I finished with the afternoon status meeting and the all-team standup (all on Zoom).

Today Summer came to Oregon. It often comes like a switch and today we were over 80F and sunny. No rain. A near-perfect day for us. This usually starts about July 4th, but now it comes two weeks early. And, so far, no smoke or fires.

I was fatigued again, rested a bit, and finished a short novelette by Eric Stross. I have it on my kindle, and the story is set in his Laundry horror-SciFi-Lovecraft world with his main protagonist, Bob, back in a story. It was excellent, Escape from Yokai Land (Laundry Files Book 12), but the book is only 86 pages, so it ends too soon.

Later, I tried to add American Express to my Quicken stuff, but it still failed. I even got an error code and an error report to send in. Nasty. Maybe they can fix it soon. I will try again next week.

The Schwann’s guy called and then showed up. More Chicken Cordon Blu, a pork rib roast (one of their best items), and some green beans. All going in the freezer that is not as packed as when Glenda was here.

The Schwann’s guy took my cell phone number, and now Schwann’s will text me for the next delivery in two weeks, which the driver explained, how they are currently doing this. I have to then reply to the text message to have a delivery. With me back to work, Schwann’s would now have to in the evening, and with just me soon living here–not as much food will be needed. So this all works for me, and I am happy to see Schwann’s starting to use technology–it is the only way to survive now with the US returning to high gas prices and inflation. We are reliving the 1970s even with a House Committee televised like the ghost of Watergate! I imagine a Nixon-like Terminator saying, “I’ll be back and I am not a crook!”

I made dinner from leftover Tagine-styled chicken I made yesterday. I had that with a side of cottage cheese and some pineapple rings (from a can). I love small curd, large curd being an abomination as far as I am concerned, with some fruit.

I then decided to write the blog early while the sun was up. Thank you for reading.



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