Story 22June2022: Wednesday

Sorry, this is a day late. I went to the movies, and I was just tired yesterday and could not work late.

Morning came to me at 6:15 with my alarm rewaking me. I had, despite how tired I was, waking to the sunrise before my alarm. I looked at the clock, screamed silently in my mind “Unfair!”, fell asleep, woke again, and saw it was five minutes to my alarm. Next,  while deciding I should get up, instead, I fell completely into a beautiful sleep with the phone still in my hand, to be startled awake by my phone’s alarm a minute later. An ugly start to fabulous weather and sun.

The switch from rain has happened, and now we have summer for three months in Western Oregon. My lungs and eyes are full of summer’s goodness: Pollen. My roses, previously watered unrelentingly by Oregon, are now basking in the hot summer sun. Unfortunately, this weather grows only some blooms but produces the largest and sharpest thorns I have ever had. So enjoy my roses with caution.

It is another rushed day, the last one of the week, where I work at the office (home on Mondays and Fridays). Thus, I have breakfast of toast and peanut butter with liberal Fair-Trade Coffee, read emails, read text messages and Slack messages, and get caught up after sleeping for a few hours. A quick shower, dressing, and off in Air Volvo to the shoe company’s Clubhouse building.

I arrived with time to spare and then joined my boss for 90 minutes of meetings with 15-minute breaks. These breaks are not long enough to do any real work, so we get coffee, free Star Bucks style from the baristas downstairs (I use the elevators as gravity, and I am not friends anymore), and do other quick but not very productive tasks.

Soon it is approaching time to see Susie. So off in Air Volvo again, running a bit late as work starts to heat up again as we approach the install date for the software, to see Susie. Susie was still finishing her breakfast. She had a rough night that she is blessed not to remember. Susie again is having nights where she wakes up and is confused about where she is and what is happening and looking for me. The staff keeps her calm and safe, but Susie is not sleeping much.

These problems have been happening for years, and Susie often would be lost in the house and fall at night. A few ER trips have followed these night excursions when Susie hits something when she falls. Susie is now safe at Hummingbird House. But, as I said, Susie does not remember these incidents–I think she is sort of sleepwalking.

Returning to my Wednesday story, I can only stay twenty minutes. Susie talks to her mother on my iPhone for a bit. Then, too soon, I have to head out. I get a kiss goodbye, and Susie returns to eat her breakfast.

Air Volvo gets me back to the office without any incident, but I did have the trolley car bell alarm once. This is the alarm for the automatic braking system when it spots a possible collision. I manage to slow without the Volvo’s help, and, more importantly, no paint is exchanged.

I return, never rolling dice with gravity on the stairs, to my desk and spend the rest of the work day in a few meetings and doing some research.

I am out at 5ish and arrive soon in Air Volvo without incident or even an alarm. I decide to make dinner and grab Chicken Cordon Blu and corn from the freezer. I also microwave some potatoes. I offer some food to Corwin, but he has eaten. I then take Air Volvo to the Regal’s Movies on TV Theater and watch the latest dino movie.

I needed a break so the movie seemed a good fit for Wednesday. I was still tired. The whole day was a fight with exhaustion, but popcorn free with my Regal Card, an overpriced drink, and “why yes I will use my free ticket award” ticket made it even a cheap movie (not breaking $6 or about the price of a gallon of gas in Oregon, ouch).

The movie is pure escapism. It is interesting to see Hollywood’s new villain model. The bad guy has moved from Nazis or British accented villains, instead, we get insane American (!) evil billionaires. This time Tim Cook and Elon Musk mixed with a heavy amount of evil–the actor actually looks like Tim Cook but does some of Elon Musk’s mannerisms. Almost too real. I would recommend the movie if you need a brain cookie and need to forget Covid-19, January 6, war, and Global Weather Change for a few hours. There were three people in the theater, including myself, and all the staff was masked. I feel safe on off-days when I can be far away from folks and just watch the show.

I was home late. I found a new Cthulhu Mythos author to try out. This one is self-published, on Amazon, and does on eBooks. I am already intrigued.

I managed to read only two sentences before sleep came for me. I did have to prove that the little soda was consumed in the early morning, but mostly I slept well. I needed sleep!

Thanks for reading and again, sorry this is late.



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