Story 23June2022: Thursday

The morning started without fear and loathing as I woke with my alarm and felt better. Maybe the break to watch the latest Jurassic Park movie helped, but I mostly slept better. So the morning started better, and I was soon cheerfully making coffee and eating toast while reading my emails, work emails, texts, and Slack channels message to catch up with what happened overnight. It was another rushed day as I had to be in the office at 8 to make the first meeting. So after showering and dressing, I climbed into Air Volvo and headed to the shoe company’s Clubhouse building.

I had a few hours of meetings and did some computer architect work as we began work for the next release of the software. We don’t have the current changes yet, but we are now working on the subsequent changes. Computer work is always overlapping.

Next, it was getting late in the morning, so I left Clubhouse and headed over to see my wife. Susie was waiting for me in her recliner. Again, Jennifer let me know that Susie had not slept. Susie had her confusion issues again and was unsure where she was. The nurses stayed up with her, and she was safe. Susie finally slept about 5AM. Likewise, Susie does not remember these problems, which is a blessing.

Susie spoke to her mother, Leta, on my iPhone on FaceTime. They had a friendly chat for about ten minutes. We then called Susie’s sister, Barb, and chatted, and Barb showed her new cabinets for their kitchen using FaceTime.

Soon I was out of time, and Susie was sad to see me leave. But we agreed to watch a movie on Friday. So after a kiss and a goodbye, I went back to the office without issue or loss of paint on Air Volvo.

Lunch, free until July, was a chicken rice bowl. I had the medium spicy, their recommendation, and I could just eat it!

Things started to heat up on the project; six days to go live, and I was in meetings from 5 until all after midnight (still going on at midnight while writing this blog). For dinner, I heated up some of the remaining Tagine-styled chicken for dinner and split a small can of pineapple rings with Corwin. Safeway delivered groceries that I put away while following along.

The Zoom meeting started at 9ish and is ongoing (more than midnight).

So working lots of hours again, as expected. Thank you for reading. Sorry if this blog is a bit confused as I was writing it during the meetings.

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