Story 24June2022: Friday End of Roe

Friday started with me sleeping in a bit to 6:45. As usual, I woke before my alarm, fell back to sleep, and then was startled awake at 6:45. After that, I was up but not in a hurry, as today was a work-from-home day. Breakfast was a banana and a bowl of Muesli cereal with milk, plus a cup of fresh-made liberal coffee.

As expected, the US Supreme Court overturned abortion rights in the USA on Friday morning. This and other rulings have thrown the US further into an us-versus-them place. I will not focus on this too much as it is too stressful. I had more liberal coffee.

I did receive my copy of the 1619 Project book from Amazon. I read the original publication in the New York Times and found it well-written, as you expect from the NY Times, and I look forward to rereading it in a book form (with footnotes). I did order the large print version. This is back to my reaction to the US Supreme Court rules; I intend to learn more and read more liberal publications.

Returning to work, the meetings went on for about an hour, all Zoom. There were some follow-ups here and there, but I was able to head to follow along. I had lunch while working, two hotdogs with mustard and freshly chopped onions, plus store-bought potato salad.

I headed out for the Hummingbird House at 1ish. Susie was waiting for me in her recliner, watching TV. We agreed to delay her lunch until after a movie. I set up, and Jennifer got Susie comfortable in the activity room.

Today’s movie is The Accountant. I recommend the story of an assassin-accountant if you like shot ’em up stories from Hollywood. Susie liked it.

We did stop halfway through the movie and call Leta, Susie’s mother, in Michigan. Susie and Leta chatted for a bit. We then finished the film.

It was a sunny hot day in the 80Fs, so I pushed Susie through the park next door. I am always happy to see the butterflies and dragonflies. Oregon is still a bit damp, but we are starting to dry out after so many record rainy days and months.

I was tired from having only four hours of sleep last night, so I called it a day. A kiss form Susie, and I was back in Air Volvo, headed home.

Our local pharmacy, Rite Aid on TV, is closing. I stopped by for some health items and to learn when they are all done, and there I realized this is the last weekend for a prescription. The rest of the store shut down a few weeks later. There is a Wallgreens within a block, so I can get my prescription within walking distance, but I am sad to see the pharmacy go; it was here when I bought the house in 1996. We needed, when Susie could walk, to have groceries and a pharmacy within walking distance.

I got home and read a bit and rested. Mariah was thinking about dinner together but is ill. So it was more hotdogs for dinner.

I did more work on Quicken and got American Express and Paypal connected. I have matched up many of the transactions from both. I still have a few more hours of matching transactions to get May’s transactions aligned, but I can start to get clarity for my expenses and income. It is beginning to be helpful!

I paid some bills, ordered checks–almost out, and then read some more. After that, I skipped the news as I was too stressed to watch it. Self-care means not watching the news, sad.

I decided to write the blog a bit early as I am tired tonight. Thanks for reading. Please understand that the comments on Roe are not meant to be political, but I like to record my experiences in this blog, and my strong adverse reaction to Supreme Court is impacting me.



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