Story 26June2022: First Hot day in 2022 95F+

It is hot. I just watered the new roses at 8:30PM. The latest rose was wilting, so I will water it more often. The humidity is at a dry 59%.

Temperatures, depending on how and what, measured from 95 to 107F here. Air Volvo, which is wildly inaccurate, measured 110. On Monday, the high is supposed to be 95F, but we will see; usually, the temperatures stay high once we get there here in the Tualatin Valley (yes, the TV even has a website).

The morning started at 7ish and was about 68F, which quickly rose to 72 while I wrote yesterday’s blog. It was over eighty when I left the house at 10:45ish.

I had a hectic day on Saturday, and the blog took more than two hours to write. I also had to attend an hour of status meetings starting at 8AM while trying to write. I ate ceral with fresh-cut bananas and lots (and lots) of coffee. I finally finished most of the blog at 10:20 and then jumped into the shower and dressed. I managed to get into Air Volvo at 10:40 to hit traffic on a Sunday (!?) into Beaverton and outages of traffic lights.

I did see one rusty pick-up in Beaverton decide to use some extra-legal driving. Pulling out in front of me and other cars, taking two lanes, and ignoring all the braking vehicles. The pick-up then went for a timing issue by changing lanes and then signaling after in the new lane. I was laughing as I watched the antics and wondered what products the driver was using that enabled he/she/they to ignore space and time.

I forgot it is Pride Sunday, and there is no parking left. As a church member, the police let me into the area, and the police point out some commercial parking not in use that I use. Not something I would usually do, as that is how you get your car towed. I make it to church to hear the end of Joy’s sermon and see everyone.

I then meet Rev.Dr. Waynet and Rev. Anne Weld-Marton at the Reedville Cafe. One of the few surviving local food joints once was the Crab-Hut on TV Highway. I get there first and grab a table, and then I help walk Wayne in as Anne parks their car near the front after someone leaves her a perfect parking space.

I have the club sandwich; toast with freshly cooked crisp bacon, turkey, ham, swiss, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and mayo. Nearly perfect, but it is hard to fit in your mouth! Wayne goes for seafood, battered shrimp, and clam chowder. Anne also struggles with a club sandwich with tater tots. I had a diet coke while the Weld-Martins had adult beverages. I left early at 1:30ish as I wished to get to Susie by 2PM–I had called the Hummingbird House and told them I was delayed.

I managed to remember the Pride Day and took Allen Road around the festivities, but still, the traffic was a bit heavy for a Sunday. I got to Humminbird House finally at 2PM. Susie was in her recliner, and she looked tired. She had little sleep again.

She decided to pass on the movie and was just sleepy. While the AC was working, it was about 78F in the facility, and Susie was a bit listless with the lack of sleep. So I just sat with her for ninety minutes and left in time to make my next meeting without rushing.

Evan had stopped by during his lunch hour (he works the weekends), so Susie did have two visits today.

Susie was sleepy and grumpy. I helped her eat a snake of pudding. It was decided to let Susie nap in her bed during the shift change at 3:30. Thus, I got a kiss and headed out.

On the way back in Air Volvo, I forgot about the Pride event and had to detour around it being directed by Beaverton’s Finest. I managed to avoid any events or alarms on Air Volvo.

I stopped by Rainy Day Games to see if they had anything left from yesterday’s event: Free RPG Day. I had the CT scan and data conversions on the same day and did not make it there. Nope, all gone. Next year! I did attend the one in the full-blown pandemic with vax cards and a limited number of people in the store. You were not allowed to pick up anything without help (they then whipped it down or took it to the register for you). I try to support the local gaming store.

I made it home in time to enjoy another status call for the shoe company on Zoom. Nothing for me, but a lot going on. China’s Monday starts on our Sunday at 5PM; Our big conversion runs on Tuesday local PDT time.

I then rested the rest of the day. Corwin ordered Chinese food delivered, enough for two, so I had that for dinner. I was not that hungry so I had just a bit of the fried rice and a few shrimp and many veggies from Kung Po Shrimp.

I did slip out to McDonald’s to enjoy the sunset and a hot fudge sundae.

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