Story 27June2022: Sleepy Monday

Monday was plagued with fatigue, which I diagnosed as an allergy med over the counter, leaving me dopy all day. It finally started to wear off (it is 24 hours, of course) this evening. So I moved to Wildwood Taphouse to write with a sour beer. The change of location, the bright light, and the noise woke me up.

Starting in the morning, I was OK at 6:15, waking before my alarm with the sunrise, rolling over, and just waiting for the alarm. However, my nose was stuffed up, and my eyes were red from allergies. Thusly, made an error and took an allergy med in the morning.

It was a work-from-home day, and I decided to get dressed later. So I had breakfast cereal with sliced fresh banana and freshly made liberal coffee. I took my meds, including the allergy mentioned above, and followed along on ninety minutes of meetings: Status and planning meetings.

A shower and dressing were next. I managed that without issue, but I did feel a bit off now. I cut some roses and took them with me in Air Volvo.

It was a break between meetings, so I headed to see Susie. I did remember to avoid central Beaverton 20MPH sections by taking Allen Road. I was there at Hummingbird House soon enough. No issues on my trip there.

Susie was just finishing breakfast. I handed Jennifer the cut roses. Jennifer is the nurse for today, and she lives there with her family on the second floor. I also brought Susie her summer wear, a straw Panama Jack hat. Jennifer arranged the flowers in a vase.

Susie talked to her mother for a while on my iPhone after finishing breakfast, oatmeal. Susie holds the phone, and Leta and Susie can see each other using FaceTime.

I decided to stay a bit longer as Susie was not feeling well on Sunday, and we just sat together for a while on Sunday. I rolled Susie in her wheelchair out to the park at Jennifer’s suggestion. The day was still cool, and the park primarily had kids and folks with dogs; there were many dogs. We took a short trip; Susie wanted a different path, so we stopped at a table by some trees and sat for a while. The air was warm but not hot yet–nearly perfect. The butterflies and dragonflies were out.

Soon my time was over, and I returned Susie to Hummingbird House, and Jennifer moved Susie to her comfortable recliner. A kiss and a goodbye and I was in Air Volvo headed back, having taken a bottle of water from Jennifer.

I forgot and drove through the speed traps of Beaverton with care. I will try to remember when I head to the Volvo Cave to use Alan Road to avoid the 20MPH area. I arrived at the Volvo Cave without incident.

Today I made a chili-based salad for lunch. I usually get the salad at Wendy’s, but last time Wendy’s chili was terrible, so I went with the do-it-yourself version. I opened a can of chili, Stagg’s Silverado, and heated that on the stove. Baked two broken taco shells from a box, and I put the rest back. Next, I chopped carrots and celery and tore and washed some lettuce. I added olives and cottage cheese (instead of sour cream). Broke up the taco shells and poured the hot chili into the salad. It was better than anything I got from Wendy’s.

As I went on, the fatigue got terrible. I walked outside and made tea. I took a 15-minute nap. Nope, nothing is working.

More meetings wake me up a bit, and I start to make dinner as I listen to the status meeting. Moving around seems to help, and I make jambalaya for dinner. I cut up some kielbasa and cooked some split chicken breasts from the freezer. I add frozen cooked shrimp also from the freezer. I add a can of Mexican-styled stewed tomatoes, the jambalaya mix from a box, and water. I heat and cook the rice for 25 minutes. Dinner is ready right after the last status meeting. Good!

I watch some terrible YouTube videos on naval battles while eating. Trafalgar, the most significant fighting sale battle in the Napoleonic Wars, was much more complex than they let on in the video, I am sorry to say. This internet version of history seems to try to boil down this battle to simple facts while ignoring that 130-gun Spanish ship, the most significant fighting sale built, and the point that, on paper, Nelson charged into 3x his firepower and crushed his opponents.

After that, I tried to rest again, which did not work. So I am both tired and awake, ugly.

I decided then it was the allergy med, no more, and headed to the bar to write. That seems to have worked.

Thanks for reading.

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