Story 28June2022: Long day

I finally went to sleep at about 1:40ish. We had worked all day and into the evening with the data conversions. There were many crises of the moment, and some are still ongoing.

Details of the work I will leave out. I can say that our teams across the globe did a superb job.

Going backward and skipping the working night, dinner was a chef salad (no egg) that I made from lunch meat and cheese. I chopped the carrot and celery. It was good after my larger breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast was a large helping of cottage cheese and half a can of peaches (the previous half being dessert for yesterday’s dinner). Lunch was reheated jambalaya I made yesterday.

I also continued with the quest to keep Quicken up-to-date, downloaded all the transactions, and aligned them. It is a permanent job, but it provides you with a clear view of expenses and income. With our medical bills and Susie’s room cost at Humminbird House totaling over $8,000 each month, I need to reduce expenses and generate income (mainly from the sale of stock options and stock). I would recommend this process, and I used to have this all running and manage all our expenses and income.

While listening to one of the status meetings, I made scones from a box. This requires quite some time cutting in cold butter with a pastry cutter. I then add milk and an egg. This is a box from King Arthur Flour, and I bought a case of these during the pandemic. All delicious and recommended. I had scones as a snack at 8PM. I then had popcorn later.

Before all of this, I made the classic mistake, seeing that the next task was 2-hours out, I got in my car to head to Hummingbird House, but the tasks started just as I got into Air Volvo. I am primarily a tourist for this process, but still, I find listening on my phone a lot less attractive than being online and participating. I did pull over and listened as the first big install from our team began. I was in the Arby’s parking lot–they were not open yet. When I had a short break, I drove to Humminbird House.

I was slowly pulling onto TV Highway, which was good, as a speeding older pickup ran the light. Had I made my left, using the green arrow light as my guide, I would be looking for a new car today. There is a strange intensity with some drivers out there.

Susie had just finished breakfast. I gave her my phone, and she and Leta, her mother, chatted briefly. As I had very little time, it was a short call, and then, with a kiss, I left and took Air Volvo back home.

I started the morning with a status meeting starting at 7:30, with more status meetings going on for some hours. I dressed and headed to Susie’s place after the initial status meetings.

While waiting between calls, I checked on the roses. Again, the watering helped, and even the new one, showing some heat stress, was recovering.

The Cardinal Richelieu is still going, and while stressed, it is still flowering.

The new roses Wedgwood from David Austin is a climber, and canes are flaying on the ground, but the flowers are lovely.

Sorry, this is short, but most of yesterday was data conversions and strange data issues that can not be discussed here. Also, it is rather dull to those not involved.

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