Story 29June2022: Wednesday

The morning started too soon as I was up until almost 2AM. I managed to get going again by now 6:30ish. The software installation continued over the night, I read all the notes on that, and I had hours of status meetings in the morning.

Breakfast was yogurt and a scone with liberal coffee. I ate it while participating in various Zoom meetings.

Work has quite a few crises at the moment. I was drinking a lot of coffee to keep going. I had multiple meetings and made lunch while talking to one person on my laptop using Zoom, who saw me make mac and cheese for lunch with kielbasa sausage cut into squares mixed in while discussing data lakes.

In the afternoon, a long-running process let me slip out and take Air Volvo to Humminbird House and see Susie. Susie had finished lunch and was in her recliner. Susie had slept poorly the night before, Jennifer, the live-in nurse, explained. Susie was happy to see me, and we quickly called her mother, Leta, on my cell phone. Susie was unhappy that I had to leave so soon, it being a work day. With a kiss, I went and returned home via Air Volvo without events.

After getting home, we experienced a few issues with our software and data conversions, so I was busy all afternoon and evening. I ordered Indian food for lunch delivered by GrubHub. I ate that while on status and working sessions online via Zoom. After that, I took a few nap breaks.

We had a break in the software and then had multiple working sessions to work on the break while our team continued the data conversions. Finally, at 2:30AM, after taking a nap, our part of the conversions was over (100% success with a minor issue that can be worked after go-live). I went to bed at 2:30.

Sorry that this is more of an outline than a story. It was a full day and night of work for the shoe company. I also had to squeeze in writing this while working issues all yesterday.


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