Story 4July2022: July 4th

The explosions are starting to get loud, and it is still bright and sunny at 7PM. I thought I should start on this blog before the explosions got too loud, and then I would just sit outside and watch the sky. Usually, my neighborhood, before Covid-19, seemed to have enough firepower to take a small city or at least seemed to have declared war on another street. With Covid-19 officially receding, we have returned to a highly explosive July 4th. Also, the weather in our area, unlike two years ago, has been damp, so the chance of causing a fire is slight.

I also received today the badge from WordPress for 182-week straight writing, the Holey Mole-y badge. This comes with the admonition not to stop now but to dig deep and keep writing, thus using the word mole as a pun. I plan to keep digging!

Exhuming this morning, I had trouble sleeping and woke up often. I think I was having some issues with breathing as one of my meds was out, the inhaler QVAR. Or it could have been the pollen just crushing me. I ordered more QVAR, but it was hung up in some strange approval process for by-mail processing between the supplier, Optima, and my insurance United Health Care (UHC). But, I managed to get started before my alarm at 7 and started my day congested and coughing a bit. I did use my other inhaler and felt better.

I can’t sleep when it is so bright out, which could have woken me too. It has been overcast in the morning, so I have slept to my alarm. But today, the clouds parted and gave us a cool but bright morning.

I had yogurt and a lox bagel delivered from Einstein’s Bagels with some more bagels for next week. This came with my decision that I wanted bagels again, so I got the next best thing to New York City ones, local Einstein’s Bagels. Unfortunately, these are a bit too bread-like and bread flavored, not having been boiled in dangerous caustic water while using the flat flavored water of NYC, but these will toast good and need just a little extra cream cheese to cover that sweet bread flavor. So for today, I had a “bad breath bagel” of lox and onions with capers plus a slice of tomato and plain cream cheese (not enough for my taste). I had more bagels included in my order; all but one now in the freezer will be for the week’s breakfast.

I next attended two hours of status meetings running to 10AM. I started to write the previous day’s blog and had it mostly done when the work meetings began. I had to dress and finish the blog before heading to Hummingbird House to see Susie. I also cut a few roses for Susie as the ones I supplied before were fading. I am on call all day.

Evan decided to meet me at Hummingbird House and actually beat me there. Susie had finished her breakfast when I arrived and seemed much more animated than the last few days, which is a good thing. I don’t know how to spell the nurse’s name today, so I will call her nurse for today’s blog. I will get the spelling next time!

After setting up the screen, the nurse got Susie settled in the spare recliner in the activity room. Then, it was time for an explosive movie, John Wick. Before we descended into mindless brain cookies, we called Susan’s sister, who was hosting a July 4th Dinner for Leta, their mom, and Emma, Barb’s daughter. Plus Gordon Barb’s husband. It was ribs and all the fixings. Susie got to chat with Barb, Leta, and Emma.

Back to the film, after the call, Susie and Evan stayed awake for the movie; it is just about ninety minutes and is action-packed. Susie seemed to love it, but it was soon over and time for her to have lunch and for me to find the rest of my day. I have chores and meetings to attend. I had to watch the emails and Slack channels constantly; I was on call, as I have said.

I was sad to leave–it is hard to leave some days.

Evan and I agreed to head to the Pods in Beaverton for lunch. It being July 4th, it is hard to know what is open, so we went for the food trucks near Beaverton City Hall. There the waffle place was open and had a truly scrumptious Monte Cristo waffle sandwich. How can I turn that down? I ordered waffle fries (What else would they have?) to share with Evan, who also got a breakfast sandwich. It took ten minutes, made fresh. I waited in line with unmasked folks, making me nervous even outside, and then found a table less close to people and discovered pleasure in our fine repast.

Soon, it was getting hot, and my laptop was in the car, so I said goodbye to Evan and headed home. There I unloaded and connected the computer to charge and headed out. However, I was on a quest today. I needed my meds, but which Rite Aide was now filling my prescriptions? So I headed to the closest in Beaverton, knowing that the Hillsboro Rite Aide was not listed on the moving notice I saw once on the door of my now former local store. Only had I taken a pic with my phone of the address!

I guessed right, and they had my meds waiting for me. Also, they could immediately fill my $100 QVAR inhaler prescription.

Rant: For those who believe in the free markets and believe medical stuff should be private and controlled by a corporation, for-profit, or non-profit (how it is done in the USA now), I will point out UHC decided (not based on medical reasons) that inhalers need to be more expensive (to keep costs down). Thus, we have a higher co-pay on inhalers as Nike employees than on other drugs. I have asked around, and nobody else with insurance pays $100 for QVAR. So you who believe in corporate control of health care is the way to go, f**k off. 

Having paid too much again, I was happy to use QVAR again and felt better. I also had my other drugs–all generic and rather dull. Also, still $37 (excluding the $100 for QVAR) with insurance. I will skip another rant.

I returned home, rested a bit, and then boiled the last hot dogs I had matching buns with for my July 4th dinner here in the Volvo Cave alone. I like the quiet today (except the fireworks explosions are getting loud). I did this while listening to the shoe company’s 5PM Hypercare call. No issues for me, but I did find some interesting things to listen to. The project is ahead of schedule, and so far, the incidents are not critical–excellent.

I ate my dinner on the deck and then came in and watched a few fav YouTube channels on history.

I next wrote the blog, so it won’t spill into Tuesday morning. Thank you for reading. I will keep digging! It is 8:45 when I type this. I had some interruptions, but 90 minutes of writing time is not unusual for the blog.


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