Story 5July2022: Back to Office

When I arrived at Hummingbird House this morning, I noticed more of what I had suspected. Susie is learning on one side, and her right hand is not working as well as before. The sleepiness and grumpy morning all fit with my past experience. Susie may have had a stroke that impacted her right side. I have asked the nurse for today, Vanessa, to check with the other nurses and see if they notice a difference. I could be wrong, or it may be a previous stroke re-manifesting–they can do that. The last stroke was in November. I can be wrong, and Susie has had other symptoms that look like a stroke before, so she may recover her right side abilities.

Return to my typical storytelling, the morning got here with me feeling a bit better, but rushed as I have an 8AM morning in the Command Center in my office building, Club House. I got the shower done right out of bed and then dressed, had breakfast of a banana and a bagel with cream cheese (veggie flavor) with added capers (the salty vinegar of the capers hides the bread flavor and reminds me more of a New York City bagel). Next, I read emails, mine and the shoe company’s, the Slack channels, and the news. Finally, I got in Air Volvo and traveled to my office building without incident.

The meetings were interesting, but there were no issues for me. I managed to then head out to Hummingbird House. I had no incidents getting there, but there are two very busy police persons on 26, always with their lights on, giving out tickets!

Susie was having, as I have already related, trouble eating breakfast, and the nurse reported that Susie surprised her by he attitude this morning–Susie was unhappy. I helped feed Susie and ensured some breakfast found its way into her. She is also having trouble remembering to swallow. She had enough after about 15 minutes. I then took her out for a short ride in the wheelchair; it was still about 65F (18C) outside–too cold for Susie. The sun leaked out here and there, so it was not comfortable for just a short ride to the street and back.

Susie was sorry to see me leave so soon, it was a work day, and I had taken all the time I could, and with a kiss, I was back on the road. I managed the gauntlet of Beaverton police by keeping my speed down, not doing any exciting lane changes, or touching my phone. I returned to the office without incident.

Free lunch and coffee ended for most. I headed to Old Chicago Pizza and had a salad and a calzone, the Chicago 7 with meat and veggies, with a diet coke. They were out of iced tea (?!). Before the pandemic, they had a stromboli on the menu that I liked better. After I ordered, I saw they have a taproom special in the bar for a slice of pizza with a salad; I will order that next time!

After lunch, I returned to the office and started looking into how to run some AI processed on my own servers in my own account of AWS. My servers cost me about $3 a month, and I have control of them. So I diagnosed my issue, trashed my server, something I can do without help, and got some things working on another server. Nike is moving to Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, but I find the AWS cloud service really easy to do prototyping.

Next, there was a retirement party on Zoom. We are saying goodbye to one of the leaders I have worked with for years. We had a pleasant visit.

I returned home via Air Volvo and meant to call into the 5PM status call, but the network was down at the house. Xfinity is trying to give me a fiber switch to enjoy and shut down my cable access (?!). It came back at 7ish, but it will go down at 6AM as they did not complete the work.

Thus, I need to get the blog done tonight!

I made a Chicken Cordon Blue (Schwann’s) and corn (Schwann’s) from the freezer for dinner. I also started on OcCre Workshop Cabinet for building models. It, too, is a kit that needs to be built. I also have the add-on module for storage. I plan to return to my ship models someday, and so I first should get the tools–this looks like a good place to start. I got it in the middle of my cancer treatment as a treat for later. It is now later.

Summer seems to have left us. It actually rained today! I hope to see summer again soon!

Thanks for reading.


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