Story 10July2022: Sunday

I slept in a bit on Sunday, getting up at 7ish and putting around a bit until my first call at 8AM. I was in bed only at 2AM, so it was not enough sleep, so I am running a bit slow. I check on my OcCre cabinet that I left the glue to fully dry before I work on it. I removed the masking tape; it was applying some pressure to a few points while the glue was able to lock in. While it is not perfect, I had an issue with the final pieces being aligned; it looks good.

I also ordered my newly refreshed 3D printer to print an old file. I want to see if it prints better than last time. I hope it will work well, and I can use the cool crystal blue I bought some time ago. That should make some exciting figures! I also have some new, less toxic liquid to try out. It cleans up with water, not 99% pure alcohol!

I did have a few crises of the moment for work and even approved a change ticket, something I had done for important items since October when I went out on medical leave and what was supposed to be my sabbatical. I was glad I still had access and remembered how to update the Service Now ticket with my approval.

I wrote the blog in the morning. It took all morning, and I was late for the church service as I won’t leave for church in Air Volvo until the blog was done. Once done, I headed for Air Volvo. I found a robin egg that appears to have been stolen and consumed by the local thieves (crows) and then dropped on Air Volvo. Later, I called Mariah and asked her to consider some target practice, thus becoming the Anti-Aircraft battery for Air Volvo! It was terrible when the crows dropped snails on cars from the telephone wires and when they pooed on my vehicle. Dropping eggs on my car is too much! Maybe I will have to get out the drones!

I managed to get to Beaverton’s First United Methodist Church after 11. Rev. Anne Weld-Martin was finishing her sermon when I got there. She finished with a story about a family that let political and religious differences destroy their love for each other. Anne begged folks to not let this happen to them but to share love, even when disagreeing over important issues.

I met Anne and Wayne Weld-Marton at Sherri’s for lunch after the church service. Wayne was having health issues and could barely eat but appreciated the opportunity to eat and share a meal.

I headed over to see Susie. I planned a movie, John Wick 3, but Rachel had Murder on the Nile playing on the big screen. She played the 4K version of the film, which was so sharp you could see the grain in the wood! It was better than what I saw in the theater, a digital theater! This version of Murder on the Nile, I think, is better than the book, I know an Agatha Christie fan just fainted, but the updates to the story are good. The screenwriters combined a few characters and replaced some, making smoother storytelling for the big screen. But they did keep you guessing, and even when I watch it and know who did it, it still is surprising. So I recommend the new movie, especially if you have the 4K version with an excellent huge screen.

Susie was OK with just sitting in her recliner and watching in the living room. We did call her mother, Leta, for an update, and they chatted for a bit. Susie fell asleep a few times, holding my hand. I might have nodded off, too, for a moment.

Evan had dropped by for his lunch hour and then returned when work was over for him. I then kissed Susie goodbye, Rachel (who I kept calling Rebecca) time was up, and Vanessa was taking over, so I left Susie with Vanessa.

I met Evan, and we took separate cars as Evan was off to grab a bite while I set up one of my older, entirely hand-painted games, Blood Rage. This is a dudes-on-a-board game with action points plus card superpowers, all in a Viking theme. It is also the second big Kickstarter game I tried and is one of the few games I have painted all the figures I have for it and have most of the add-ons. I missed a few add-ons in a third Kickstarter for an online version I was not interested in and can only be purchased at a premium price if you can find it. It is a fun game, less with two people.

Evan had mostly forgotten how to play, and he did not have much luck, so I lapped him, scoring more than 100 points beyond him. This is not unusual in a two-person game; Corwin has done that to me. The game designer, Eric Lang, is clear it is possible to have a lucky player just run away with the game. But, he said, I am paraphrasing, it is a Viking game, and sometimes the gods are on your side! So just go with it and remember when you are celebrating in Valhalla–it was a good day!

We played at the Central Taphouse in Beaverton near the city hall. We had a few beers while playing and then headed to the Thai place nearby. We stopped by Mingos, a fusion joint– Asian and Italian (a fav fusion type of mine), but they offered close seating in the bar (no way!) or waiting an hour (even when half the tables are empty). So no, the Thai place was good, and we got a lovely table outside, not near anyone else.

The waiter, Levi, recommended the Levi special (a sort of sweet and sour chicken Thai styled)–Apparently his creation. I had that and Tom Kha soup too. Evan ordered a shrimp with salad and something else I missed the name for.

We had a nice dinner with drinks outside in the sun and heat, about 84F (29C) with low humidity. We then head to separate homes. I arrived at the Volvo Cave with no incidents.


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