Story 11July2022: Monday

The morning started too early for me, with the light being unwelcome, but as I did not explode into flames or melt into ash (turning to ash being the cheaper special effect on vampire movies), I got going, unsure which fate was worse. I made french press coffee and then saw I had a 7AM meeting, ugh, which was now. I was late, but apparently, the required folks, likely having slept in, did not make the meeting, and it is rescheduled to another 7AM later in the week. I may turn to ash later in the week–if I am in the vampire movie, it must be low budget.

Next was a status meeting, and after that, I rushed into the shower and got most of my dressing done before the next workshop meeting. Then, I took a break from the meeting and finished shaving and all that jazz.

Once the meetings stopped, I cut a few roses to take to Susie at Hummingbird House and quickly dead-headed the roses in the backyard and a few in the front yard. Finally, despite the heat damage, my newest roses bloomed this week, Souvenir du President Lincoln. This is my first bourbon rose to survive to bloom. I have not seen many of these roses in Portland; the heat on some days might be too much for them. I hope it can stay–it is a lovely flower.

Next, I headed to Hummingbird House to see Susie. The trip from the house was a bit longer than the one from my office, but Air Volvo got me there in twenty minutes, and the local drivers were more restrained and did not do any imaginative driving; thus, no incidents.

Jennifer was on today as a nurse at Hummingbird House, and Susie was in her recliner in the living room watching her fav Blue Bloods reruns. I had limited time on a working day, and Susie looked comfortable, so I just sat with her for twenty minutes. We did call her mother, Leta, who was home car-less. Her car had a flat tire, and the dealership, it is a leased car, did not have a tire for her, so she had to wait for another day to get her car back. Leta is unpleased about that.

Soon I had to leave; Susie seemed to be doing better and had a chat with her mother that was clearer than last week, and she was not worried when I said I had to leave. So I took Air Volvo back to the house and had the last of the Indian food leftovers for lunch. It was good reheated.

Work went on for a while, and I followed along all day. I started making tacos at 5ish when the last status meeting for the day was running. I ate some, but I will keep some more shells and meat for a taco salad later this week.

I finished my OcCre cabinet today and will move on to the next project soon. I have a few models to repair before I start on a new one. And then there are all those figures to paint. Maybe pictures later in the week.

I have a meeting with my oncologist on Thursday late. I don’t expect any surprises, so I plan for more tests around Christmas to ensure nothing is returned. Christmas cookie flavored bowel prep–here we come.

I did turn on the AC today; it was over 90F (32C) at the Volvo Cave.

Bug man sprayed the house today, slightly evaporating in the heat, making the house smell a bit chemical. I am sure I will be fine as I am not a bug.

Thanks for reading.

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