Story 20July2022: Busy Wednesday

The morning started at 5:30AM with me jumping in the shower first off, getting dressed, and then making coffee and having a bagel and fruit, peaches from a can, for breakfast. I was rushed the whole time as I had a 7AM meeting in the office.

I left with twenty minutes to make it and was still a few minutes early. My boss, Brad, was already there and in a conference room. We met with folks on software developed in Germany and India we use to do data conversions. The Germans talked about the heat wave, 40C (104F)!

The day was busy with me having many crises of the moment and being called ad hoc into various issues. I also followed up on some issues. It was nice to be busy again.

I managed to head out early to see Susie at 9:45AM and reached the hummingbird house at about 10AM. Susie was not up yet, and Jennifer got her ready; Susie wanted a walk outside.

Having had no traffic so early in the morning, I had arrived with plenty of time, so I took Susie through the whole park today. We stopped at a bench and called her mother, who was waiting for a medical test. So that was a short conversation using FaceTime. Next, I call Dr. Peter Koper, a retired professor we have kept in contact with from Central Michigan University, where both Susie and I graduated. We had not connected for a while, and Susie was happy to chat with Pete. After that, we spent time in the park, slowly crossed Metzger Park, and returned to the hummingbird house.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Susie had not had breakfast, and now it was brunch. We had made a large circle, and I was a bit winded, but I needed more exercise, so I did not mind it. I kissed Susie goodbye as she was getting ready for brunch made by today’s nurse, Jennifer.

Traffic was still light, but I did have to steer once into the shoulder as cars stopped unexpectedly; even the Volvo Collision avoidance did not see that one! Cars changed lanes suddenly to avoid the slow car leaving with me having to dive out of the way in Air Volvo–had I just slammed the brakes, the paint on the back of Air Volvo would have been scratched from the rear-ending!

Arriving back at work with the paint intact on Air Volvo, lunch was free today, and I had a small sushi roll. I was then called into more issues during lunch. I was working on crises of the moment all afternoon. I drove home at 4PM and then took the status meeting at 5:05 and commented on some of the crises of the moment in progress.

Today’s Sushi supplying truck.

I made a ham and cheese sandwich with a few cupcakes I made yesterday. They are starting to age but are still delicious. After that, I ate dinner, as usual, while listening to the meeting that ran to 6.

I then took a nap; well, I tried to read and got a few pages before I fell asleep, and the Kindle fell and woke me. I dreamt of the book’s story until the Kindle fell and woke me up.

I restarted again at about 7:15 and started on the blog soon.

I continue to use Quicken to manage all my expenses, income, and investment and to have visibility of retirement numbers. It is helpful to know what is happening.

Today one of the Kickstarter projects, The Darkest Dungeon Board Game, announced that all supporters would have to kick in another shipping fee, about the same as the original, to get their game shipped from China. The game designers made it clear in their statements and math they presented that they didn’t have another million dollars to cover the shipping of the board games. So I just paid the additional fee. The game is now over $500 for me! It is one of the last figure-based board games I will buy this way. I had the same issue with Cthulhu Wars. I am looking towards 2nd Editions and reprints being more successful for me: Grand Hotel Austria (Let’s Waltz), War of Whispers (Deluxe Edition), Pax Pamar, and endless Root versions.

Darkest Dungeon is a video game I helped fund on another Kickstarter, so I felt I should also support this board game. However, I just like the figures and expect the game will disappoint me. I was first in for a few hundred dollars. Then I added on the add-ons. Now, I have paid the shipping cost twice. I hope it gets here soon–not sure I could be convinced to spend any more on it. It is still an extensive collection of figures I like from Darkest Dungeon–I like the look of some French-designed figures.

Thank you for reading.

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