Story 21July2022

Working backward, I went for a drive. My original plan was to try to play the solo board game Nemo’s War, but all the tap houses were full of people and standing room only. I also saw that I missed the time for movies by an hour. So I returned home and started on the blog.

Dinner was during the 5:05 status meeting that went on to 6. I reheated the last of the sausage and pasta I made a few days ago. I also had a cupcake and even some cake as a dessert.

Work was a dizzy repeat of yesterday, with me rushing from meeting to meeting. Free moments I spent reading and evaluating documents. In between busy moments, my boss, Brad, gave me my 2022 Pay Statement. I received a raise and a bonus for 2022, aligned with company policy and my expectations. I will have to celebrate and buy myself something frivolous.

Lunch was picking up an Italian Night sub at Jimmy John’s. This is an old-school grinder on fresh white bread. Surprisingly good. I made my noon (over lunch) meeting by just a few minutes. Again, a rushing day.

Before lunch and eating my sub while on a Zoom meeting, the camera off, I was at hummingbird house visiting with Susie. I was a bit later than usual, almost lunchtime, but it was what I could manage on this crazy busy Thursday. Traffic was light, so I could spend extra time with Susie. Thus, Jennifer, the nurse today, placed Susie in her wheelchair, and we hit the part next door: Metzger Park.

Susie was happy to get outside again, and we stopped at the bleachers on the basketball court and called Leta, Susie’s mother. We had an excellent talk. The air was warm and dry, and the birds sang and flew everywhere. Mostly robins and flinches of some sort. Butterflies floated here and there. Dragon and damsel flies rushed by, hunting for whatever they found in the air. It was a typical summer day here in Oregon.

Soon my time was spent. I did take Susie for a longer spin to the middle of the park but then had to head back. Jennifer was surprised when we got back; Susie’s congested from her allergies. I had no time and so left with a few kisses.

Before this, I was in the office before 8. I then did the command center meeting at 8:05. The morning was a rush to be ready and out to make the 8. The alarm got me started at 6:15; I had gone to bed earlier on Wednesday night, so the start was not as brutal as the days before.

Mister Lincoln roses are looking lovely today. The other roses are cut back or are faded from the hot sun. Mister Lincoln seems to love the hot and dry.

Thanking you for reading.

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