Story 22July2022: Another Busy Day

I started the morning going slow. I woke for my 6:15 alarm and then closed my eyes for just a second, and it was 7:15! So I got going after that. I made liberal French press coffee, realized I had lots of eggs still (two more dozen), and made poached eggs for breakfast. I put each egg, I had two, on a separate piece of toast, buttered and seasoned with pepper and a dash of sea salt. Thus, I was ready for the 8:05 status meeting for the shoe company on Zoom.

I was not prepared for Rick to call me, at 8:15, from Providence and tell me he would like to have an appointment with Susie today; he offered his only slot he still had today, at 9AM. I had to finish the meeting. Next, I showered and dressed with focus, but I did not skip any steps. I managed to get to the hummingbird house at 9:50. Rick had some paperwork for me, and we discussed lowering Susie’s wheelchair and his likely return next week. He promised he would try to give us a day’s warning next time.

Jennifer, today’s nurse at hummingbird house, had gotten Susie up after I called her about the ad hoc meeting and managed to get Susie breakfast. Susie managed to eat all her oatmeal and had some milk. According to Jennifer, Rick did some basic exercises and other movements with Susie.

Generally, Rick was optimistic when I spoke to him after rushing across Beaverton that Susie might be able to stand and pivot with some therapy. The hope is that she could travel a bit and get in and out of any vehicle with minimal help. For example, I could take Susie to medical appointments, make short trips, and visit using Air Volvo. We have an ambitious goal.

I spent an hour or so more with Susie. She sat in her recliner and fell asleep a few times. The events of the morning had worn her out. The events were unexpected and confused her morning agenda. We did call her mother, Leta, and chatted for a while using FaceTime. It was 65F (18.3C) this morning; it did heat up in the afternoon after the clouds burned off, so we skipped the park.

While there with Susie, I had to keep checking my phone as I was working on some crises of the moment for Nike IT. One did surface that I thought I had already handled, and I sent a reply to resolve that issue. Before noon, I kissed Susie goodbye and headed back home in Air Volvo. Jennifer took Susie to her room to rest a bit.

Reaching home without issue, I finished a load of laundry I started when the 8:05 meeting started. I usually slip in a load of laundry during the meetings on Friday. I put it all away. I made lunch from leftovers, the last of the Jambalaya I made earlier in the week. I had that with the cake I made a few days ago.

I found the new vacuum that I bought when Glenda was here. I had not used it before. My first attempt to use it faltered when I, instead of releasing the vacuum head, pulled out the handle and then pulled out the dust bucket. Not an auspicious start. I reassembled all the parks of the Stark machine and managed to use it. Next, I vacuumed the room that used to be Corwin’s bedroom (he moved out last month). I then vacuumed most of the carpet.

Next, I cleaned all the toilets, two of them, in the two bathrooms. That was an excellent place to stop and read.

After getting going again, I drove to our local Ace Hardware a few minutes away on 185th, returning for my wallet once, and purchased some new white electric wall sockets and switches. I have been replacing all the plugs and switches in the house (built in 1978) and changing the color to white to match the wall colors. I have only some of the less used switches and sockets not replaced. I used to do a few a month but had got out of the habit.

I had not realized that none of the plugs in the bedroom had been replaced and one was clearly broken! So I turned off the power and replaced the switch first, primarily for practice as I have not done this for a while. I managed to install the new one up-side-down (‘NO’ showing not ‘ON’) and had to take it out and correct that. The plug took me a while. It is a pass-through and has two wires on each side plus a ground wire. Don’t cross the colors! I was successful, and my plug tester gave me two yellow lights meaning it is good when the power is back on.

I was sweating after that and the cleaning. I will do more on Saturday.

With the 5:05 status meeting at Nike nearing, I ordered dinner from GrubHub to be delivered for about $6 extra. I am still worried about getting Covid-19 or other severe flu going around. I ordered a large Ceasar salad and chicken parmesan with a side of spaghetti with sauce.

I ate a bowl of salad and chicken parmesan for dinner while listening for an hour to status. I will reserve the rest of the salad and the spaghetti for another meal. I read email, text, and Slack channel messages, but I was not needed.

I read some more and then did not fall asleep. I got going again before 7 and started to write this blog.

Thank you for reading!



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