Story 23July2022

As usual, I try to fit a whole weekend into one day; thus, this will be a long blog. But I should start with Friday; after Friday’s blog was published, I went to see the new movie Thor: Love and Thunder. I was laughing through a lot of the film and thought it was consistent with the other Taika Waititi Thor movie. I found it fun and more like mythology and a storyteller’s version, like the new version of Alladin starring Will Smith, than a Marvel comic book-based movie. Although one of the characters has cancer, it hit a bit too close to home for me; not a kids’ movie. I liked it.

Now, flipping the day over and starting in reverse, I got to bed Sunday morning at about 1:30ish. I stopped by Taco Bell on my way home from Portland and got nachos. I wanted a Mexican pizza, but they were out of those. So I had a taco too but did not finish that. I need to eat when I take my pills. At Richard’s, I had some corn chips and, before that, a beer and 1/2 while playing games in Beaverton. So I had nachos, and I will not get them there again.

Before getting home in Air Volvo, I was at Richard’s house in Portland with Shawn playing games. We mostly learned how to play a new game, Mezo and I managed to get ahead of Richard’s score, and Shawn crushed us in the final scoring. Mezo is a dudes-on-board area-control board game much in the same vein as Blood Rage and Rising Sun. Both games that I own. It also has a South American god mechanic like what I see in the newer board game Ankh, with players playing by different rules. Richard’s god, you are mostly managing your god and followers to get control of areas, seemed underpowered, and he was not enjoying being crushed on the board. Like the board game Root, you have to learn the powers of the factions and how to exploit them in the faction you control. Richard was struggling, I had different powers on my god that made me remove a lot of dudes, and Shawn seemed to have a set of overwhelming abilities and ran away with the game. The jury is still out on this game to use some old coinage.

Shawn left, and Richard and I played a short two-person learning game of Istanbul; Richard was unfamiliar with the game. I explained it and was then crushed by Richard. I misplayed a few times, unlike me in this game, and Richard ran away from it. Istanbul is a resource management game in the big-box stage of board games and reprints. All that add-ons and the based game are now offered in a single big-box version, cheaper than buying all the parts separately and fitting into the larger box. Unlike some games, the add-ons can be optional, and we played the base game. Next time we will add in coffee. Despite being crushed by Richard, this often happens when you teach a game, this is a fav of mine.

Before getting to Richard’s house, I hung out with Evan in downtown Beaverton by City Hall. We played Istanbul with me playing better this time, and won. I should mention that Istanbul uses a set of unique mechanics and a board you create out tiles (with a recommended layout and then rules for creating your own arrangement to change the game experience). We played at the tap house, Cental Taps, after having a late lunch at the carts a block away.

Beaverton parking was messy as the free parking was closed off as Saturday was Beaverton’s Nights, and the parking was used for stalls. I was slightly annoyed to park Air Volvo in the parking structure for $1 an hour (which cost me $4 total). So Evan parked on the other side of a parking lot. If you close off the free parking, you really should not be charging for parking or discount it.

Lunch was waffle sandwiches. I have the Cordon Blu version of a waffle sandwich. Delicious. Evan had a sweater delight also waffle styled.

We had some beers and played the board game Vindication (before playing Istanbul). This is a resource and area control game. The game’s theme is that you have landed on this island, a companion finds you on the beach, and you explore and experience the island’s mysteries and slowly redeem yourself with the player who has the highest honor wins. Your character becomes Vindicated. Vindication is a colorful and fast game plus a fav.

Before this, we had a busy morning and early afternoon with Susie. I made it to the hummingbird house before 10AM. Occupational therapy was there when I arrived in Air Volvo without incident, and the gal reviewed Susie’s health with me and then worked with Susie for about 30 minutes. OT managed to get Susie to stand by her bed, and Susie’s legs did not buckle, meaning that it is more about control than strength. That is hopeful. OT determined they will not be needed at this time. Physical Therapy will be there twice a week for about a month.

Aside: Susie cannot stand, walk, or even transfer at this time. The nurses carry her.

After OT left, we headed out into Metzger Park. It was still too cold for Susie, 67F (19.4C). The park was full of people with dogs, and kids were everywhere. It was still a bit early for picnics, so none of the tables were in use. We made a quick FaceTime call to Leta, Susie’s mother, and briefed her on the OT and our day so far. I then got a cold Susie back to warm hummingbird House.

Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Next, I set up a movie in the Activity room. We watched the musical Mama Mia 2, which picks up a few years after the previous film and has most of the original main cast returning. Cher and Andy Garcia play new characters and get to sing a fun duet. Here are the actors playing younger versions of characters from the first movie. Here is my Fav of the new actors’ songs. The second movie is put together better than the first; the music is less a set piece and more set in the story. I like it. Watch the second one only after seeing the first within a few weeks. Mama Mia 2 is not a stand-alone movie.

A good song from the first movie to compare: Christine’s Baranski Song.

Susie was rushed in the morning, two mornings in a row, and had eaten her breakfast (OT had to wait until she was done). Susie fell asleep a few times in the movie and was ready for a bit of lunch and a nap when we were done. Evan came in as we started the movie and watched it with us. Then, with a kiss, I left for Beaverton, as described above, for lunch.

The early morning was a blur of status meetings, breakfast, and getting ready. I also cut some roses for Susie. Mister Lincoln and some of the unknown roses that came with the house.

Reportedly the unknown bush was translated from the previous mother’s house and so could be very old. However, I did have to cut a sucker off that had grown from the roots to be over two feet long and flowered pink. This older bush is a grafted rose and is always in danger of having the graft die and ending up with a plain pink rose. The grafts are usual a pink rose for roots. I am always scared I will lose this would-be red tea Methuselah rose bush and just have the pink graft left.

Well, that is about all I could squeeze in on Saturday. Thank you for reading.


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