Story 26July2022: Quieter Tuesday

I will cover essential topics and summaries and then cover today’s narrative, which was mostly boring me locked down in the Volvo Cave.

Most importantly, I spoke to Hanna at the hummingbird house, where Susie resides, and Hanna reported that Susie was feeling better and ate well. No sign of Covid-19, but everyone is now wearing KN-95, and cleaning and sanitizer are heavily used at hummingbird house. Leta called Susie later and had a friendly chat, and Leta could understand Susie. Good!

Second, I passed my second Covid-19 test, so it is unlikely I will become infected. However, I will still isolate myself for three days (one full day completed). I will test again at the end unless symptoms surface. My asthma is making it hard these days. I start on my long weekends in August with the first long weekend, starting with taking this coming Monday off.

Another important detail is that I am trying to get a new doctor for Susie and me. Ours is retiring. I called the office, was on hold for a long time, and left a message. They called me back, and I tried to pick one, but they wanted an in-person visit for Susie. That means medical transport for a few to many hundreds of dollars, so I strongly suggested they provide a video meeting instead of me having to spend too much money. This meant they would have to call me back. I am still waiting. We will see.

Working at home at the shoe company, I was trying to follow up with previous crises of the moment that were not resolved at work. So I mainly asked for updates, checked issues’ details, and listened to status and staff meetings. So not an exciting narrative.

I did start reading a new book and took a few breaks to read today: Second World War by Anthony Beevor. Would you like a single volume with less than a 1,000-page retelling of the war that is well written and a page-turner (if you love history)? Then Mr. Beevor has done that impossible task. I did not know how terrible, no, I thought I knew, but I learned WWII was more terrible than I ever thought. I might have to take a break a few times from this. This is the war in Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world–a fantastic accomplishment to get it all into a book. I am on page 55.

Lastly, before starting a short narrative, it is hot: about 101F (39F) with low humidity and high air quality (here), and there are no fires nearby. I watered all my roses and will soon have to start with the lawn’s sprinklers.

Returning to a narrative style, I woke up my alarm, decided that would not happen, and reset the iPhone to 7:30. I did my meetings and dressed. Being late for a meeting that was not on my calendar but on my phone (how do you do that!?), but managing OK. I then tried to handle a few issues.

I made a grilled ham and cheddar cheese sandwich and found excellent pickles and had two of those. I fry the sandwich in butter and get the bread to brown a bit. Next, I get some water into the pan and cover it to make the hot steam cook the sandwich. I flip it again to ensure that if the bread gets damp that I cook it to be dry. Cut it on a plate. I used to make these grilled sandwiches for Susie and cut them into quarters for her. I miss cooking for her.

Work went on, and I made baked (microwaved) potatoes (two small ones) with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and bacon for dinner. I set the frozen cooked bacon (I buy precooked frozen bacon and keep it in the freezer) in the sun on the deck. It was almost hot when I retrieved it twenty minutes later! I cut up the bacon with kitchen shears, covered the potato, and added a green olive to each potato–remembering the look from Istanbul’s potato bars. I made and ate dinner listening to the hour-long status meeting at 5:05, as usual.

I finished the movie 2001 Space Odyssey. I have to admit I fast-forwarded the endless psychedelic parts. I wanted to look at the spaceships and shuttles. I also, of course, as you could imagine, love HAL-9000. I was looking at the colors and how the structures worked. I might build some kits someday.

I started the next film, 2010, and stopped after the SAL-9000 asked, “Will I dream?” My favorite part of 2010 is the computers and the creepiness. I will watch it more later in the week.

I did hear a new song that I will share. It is banjo rap, oh my–so good and so wrong: Stick Season.

I was very sad tonight, but I returned to my repairs for my RMS Titanic model and started listening to music, which helped. I might have to find more fun stories to read than WW2! And HMS Victory is calling me. I also have some wooden ones. Hmm, yes, I just need some time off. Next month!

Thank you for reading, and know we are all in this together–even when locked in the Volvo Cave.

Aside: I was looking at websites on the VW’s all-electric new bus, with self-driving, coming to the USA in 2023. Air Volvo might be replaced by The Bus Electic!

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