Story 27July2022: Day Three Isolation

So far, no symptoms and tests are negative, so I will be back to work and seeing Susie on Thursday!

The owner of Allegiance Senior Care, the agency running hummingbird house, sent me this picture of Susie and said Susie was doing well. It is a higher resolution than I usually use, so it may take a bit to load.

Leta, Susie’s mom, and Glenda, her aunt, called Susie and had a friendly chat. I called and talked to Vanessa to check that Susie was well. Susie is fabulous.

I also got the tiny RMS Titanic model fixed today. As you might remember from a previous blog, the masts were broken. I made new masts from tiny brass pipes and wires. I primed the brass and then painted. I glued a tiny crow’s nest on the first mast made from a used piece of a plastic model that I need not need (HMS Dreadnought in 1/350 scale–about two feet). Modelers, like me, always keep the spares as they find use in later models. Here is the fixed model; it is a pretty model:

I am tempted to put smoke on the funnels with gray-black colored cotton. I have seen versions where the port holes are drilled out and the model lighted.

I also finished the movie 2010 Space Odyssey (the second movie). Again looking at the model potential and all those colors. HAL-9000 is a hero in this version and gets a few good lines.

I had two poached eggs on toast for breakfast with French press liberal coffee. Lunch was a GrubHub order, the vegetarian plate from the Gyro House adding Baba Ghanoush (cooked garlic and eggplant whipped into a dip loosely translated as “Dad’s Fav”). Dinner I forgot to eat and so had some cheese as a snack.

Work was online, and there were quite a few Zoom meetings starting at 8:05 and ending this evening at 5:05. I tried to work on some crises, but they are hard to solve, and it will be an ongoing challenge.

I slept until 7:30 and followed along all day on email, text, and Slack messages.

I was locked inside. I did water the roses, it was 94F, and Mister Lincoln was still flowering in the heat. The other repeat blooming roses have smaller roses; this is usual for repeating roses in mid-summer.

I started a new brain cookie as the WW2 book made me sad: Death and the Conjuror: A Locked-Room Mystery by Tom Mead. I like it so far, about 1/3 of the way through it. The author has adopted many words I have never seen before–I have so far refused to look them up. A magician consulting detective works for me.

The next model to be repaired is the Nautilus. This is not the Disney version, but a new model that keeps the steampunk look still and comes with internal space to see through the famous window in the side of the fictional submarine. The model I build also includes a lighting kit and sound. I originally had the boat (submarines are always boats, not ships) balanced on the giant squid, but this has caused the model to shake and finally break loose and be damaged.

Here is the model in 2013, finished and sitting on the giant squid with the lighting on. Unfortunately, it is now broken loose and has taken some light damage. I have some clear rod stock and will mount it to the base to make it more stable. The power plug in the base is also broken and needs to be reglued in place. I may order a case for it; it is a stunning model.

Aside: If you want to build one, here is some information on the hit here. Extra brass and lighting kits are available. I enjoyed building this one. I might have to build another one.

Continuing on the Nautilus theme, I have acquired the 3D print files for a Disney-styled version. I thought I would like that better than the figure supplied in my copy of the board game Nemo’s War. So I will get the resin printer going again and see if I can print a small enough one for the game.

Well, it has been an uneventful day, and I will end there. Today I did not go with a narrative as it was a quiet day locked in the house. Soon I will be free.

Some additions…

Today is Leta’s birthday, and I managed to get flowers delivered today. She loved them.

Susie and I will meet our new doctor on the 19th of September at 12:40. We will need to transport Susie. Legacy had Ruth call me, and she had some suggestions to reduce the cost of transporting Susie. I will also chat with Allegiance Senior Care and work out something reasonable.

October is the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and I have another 500-word horror story to write. I am thinking of two possible themes. The experience of a cultist being sacrificed and then being rescued by a healing spell ruining his summoning of an evil god–from a gaming session. Or the story of a person in a nursing home from the damage of having his conscience being copied into a space creature and sharing in dreams of flying through space. I am leading to the second one.

Thank you for reading. I see from the statistics from WordPress about fifty people are reading the blog a day, on average. I also just paid the Grammarly bill of about $150 a year.

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