Story 28July2022

My morning started with me being released from self-isolation from exposure to Covid-19. That meant getting started at 6:15 and hopping into the shower, dressing, and then having breakfast. Today, rushed, I had peanut butter toast and the last of the yogurt with French press coffee that I nearly forgot and ended up drinking in the car in a travel cup.

I could not find my keys and got the spare set. This should have been a warning. Unfortunately, I forgot my wallet, which was under some chaos on the table with my usual car keys.

I reached the office at the shoe company Clubhouse building before 8 and learned that the command center was no longer in use. I found the small conference room in our area was not in use and settled there.

I did the first thirty minutes of status and then changed to the new software release, yes, I am starting on the next one, status meeting. This was followed by the global IT meeting; again, I saw only 1/2 of the meeting as I had another overlapping meeting before I had to stop watching the presentations, well done actually, and change to another meeting. That was an update meeting on another item on the new release. And yes, then another meeting, this a stand-up. Oh my, I was almost dizzy with changing the subject every thirty minutes and headed out.

I took Air Volvo to hummingbird house to finally see Susie. It had been three days and two Covid-19 home tests since we saw each other, and the longest time we had been apart since my cancer surgery in the week of Christmas 2021 (“don’t open to Christmas” had a different meaning that year). Even when I was ill from chemotherapy, I was only out for no more than two days. So I was pleased to be back!

Susie was thrilled to see me and Vanessa, the nurse aid for today, told me Susie was worried about me. Susie looked good and no longer tired. It was already over 85F (29.4C), so we did not go out to the park. Instead, we called Susie’s mother, and they chatted on FaceTime for about 15 minutes. Susie’s aunt Glenda called and texted, so we called them back on the East Coast, and they too talked with Susie. Anika, Susie’s niece, and Gene, Susie’s uncle, were also on the call. They had a pleasant chat on FaceTime.

Soon I was returning after getting a kiss goodbye from Susie. Next, I had a biz lunch and talked software with Scott. We meet once a week. I ordered the tofu, and he the wilted green beans. Vegetarian for us both.

I returned to work after that and had meetings and discussions most of the afternoon. It was just a bit quieter, but I was still busy. I headed out, deciding to skip the shindig in Portland for the project at 5:30, and was home about 4ish. I was just out of isolation and did not feel like risking a party.

I did attend some training instead of the party; from 5-7, I was in a Zoom meeting to learn about being an ally to underrepresented folks. The speaker was excellent, but the material was a little less practical than what I am used to. But, it is a tough topic, including privilege and how to self-correct, so maybe a more high-level discussion is more appropriate. Usually, training for IT is very goal-centric and has tests and proof of completion–as I said, this was not that way. I did like it.

I made a ham and cheese sandwich with a side of excellent pickles. I then was going to see a movie but fell asleep reading and missed the start time.

I then wrote the blog and had some cupcakes; I still have some lemon poppy muffins left. I then did remember to put out the trash and the recycling. My neighbor, who sold their house, was packing and moving out.

Thanks for reading.

I added this song to my collection today. It is an alternative rock piece: The Promise.

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