Story 1Aug2022: Looking for my Groove

I started the day at 6:30ish, even though it was my day off. I had vivid dreams about work and was tired of that on my first vacation day in August! So I have taken off most Mondays and Fridays and 1/2 the Thursdays. I logged on to the Nike corporate laptop and arranged my auto-relies to emails that I was out on Paid-Time-Off (PTO) and sent reminders that I was unavailable today to my colleagues.

After that, I enjoyed my liberal Free Trade French press coffee with an everything bagel (actually a local bread made to resemble a bagel) smeared with chive and onion flavored cream cheese and a banana. I read my email, even work email, and some messages (including some work ones) and then closed my laptop, promising myself I would leave it closed until Tuesday (I failed to do my timesheet and would have to break that promise).

I wrote my blog for the next couple of hours. I was in a writing mood, so there were various contents besides the narrative. Also, it was my day off; I tried to enjoy the usually rushed process of producing the daily blog. I was not done writing and posting until 9:50, thus not making my planned 10AM visit with Susie at hummingbird house.

Aside: I am using more and more semicolons now. I know that a sentence is a complete thought in English, but I often have more than one thought, and I want to join them; make these different thoughts flow together if you like. Thus, I am using the soft stop of a semicolon to make this work. I hope it is not too distracting.

I was in the shower and dressed efficiently but not rushed; again, I refused to rush on my vacation day. I was very late. I just could not get organized today.

Susie was still eating when I got there, just finishing breakfast (had I rushed, I would have had to wait, so my late timing was perfect). Susie was soon ready to enjoy the park, Metzger Park. It had rained, a very light and warm sprinkle, just a few minutes before. It was now steamy and damp–something we never see in August in Oregon. We usually enjoy the dry desert heat up from Death Valley and California. But today, you could get just a hint of ocean in the damp.

Susie and I risked the rain returning. I rolled Susie to the handicamp space near the tennis courts, which is paved to the road. I am always worried that the steep ride down the crowned pavement (where the center is higher than the edges) to the parking lot will knock Susie off the wheelchair. I have her lean back and hold on, but Susie was slumped today, so I took her to the safer area. I then hit the sidewalk that enters the basketball courts and push down on the back bar of the wheelchair to pop-a-wheely and then push forward. I mention this as the Park crew saw this and laid down fresh gravel to avoid this next time. I was very thankful.

Susie and I found a picnic table, not in use and dry; it was under some pine trees, and the rain never made it to the table. I sat there and called Susie’s mother, Leta, on the iPhone, and Susie and I talked to Leta on FaceTime. A rabbit, about 1/2 sized, popped into our area and then ran across the grass only to be scared by curious children. We saw a flash of a white tail, and the rabbit was gone. After finishing our chat with Leta, Susie and I explored the park some more, but no more bunnies surfaced. A dragonfly did circle us, and a hungry yellow jacket hornet was eyeing Susie, which was knocked away by me.

The sun appeared, and it was clear that it would be hot and even more humid soon. So we retreated from the park, using our new gravel to leave the park. Excellent.

I remembered some flowers for Susie that I bought at Safeway. I also brought her yellow shoes that Susie had been missing. But unfortunately, I did forget the Bluetooth speaker I use for movies. Again, my groove is not to be found.

Susie and I agreed on Gigi, an old musical that Susie has watched repeatedly. We know all the words and songs. I had trouble with the sound as I had to redirect the sound back through my Apple laptop.

The young star of Gigi, Leslie Caron, was also in an American in Paris, another fav. Susie sang along to some of the songs but did fall asleep for a bit of the beginning. She woke up to some of the best songs and seemed to enjoy the movie.

I left after the movie was completed with a kiss and a brave smile from Susie. Susie agreed she had a good day and would be fine. Susie was still a bit sleepy but was much more alert than yesterday. I am much relieved.

I got home at about 2:15; the traffic was terrible across Beaverton, with me taking three lights to get Air Volvo through some intersections! Finally, at the Volvo Cave (home), I made a salad for lunch. Mariah wanted to have dinner out, so I would meet her at BJ’s for beer and dinner. A salad was a good choice for the heavy dinner coming.

I was there on time, but Mariah was delayed by work items. I got a beer from our usual waiter, Eric, in the bar. Mariah was not terribly late. I was thinking about a lighter dinner, but they make the best pork chop in the area. So Mariah and I both had the chops. Mariah’s came plain, and mine glazed–I switched them. Mariah praised me for my deft handling of the chops–apparently, I am wasted on computers and should consider a career in the service industry. We enjoyed dinner, and we dallied until nearly 8PM.

I took Air Volvo home with Mariah’s bright Orange Challenger with the required Hemi engine growling in the lane next to me. I have to say I rolled down the windows to hear her car. It was so old school it was almost new. Wonderful! Mariah does not mind the gas usage; she can hear where it is going!

With dreams of old-school cars growling, I think I will stop there. I felt out of sorts. I did not get everything I meant to do today, but I managed the critical path. Still looking to get back into my groove. Maybe next time.

Thanks for reading.


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