Story 02Aug2022: Covid-19 Reaches Us

After years, Covid-19 finally breached our defenses, and Susie is quite ill with flu-like symptoms at the hummingbird house. She is coughing and lethargic, and Susie has a positive Covid test. I am not feeling well and have many early symptoms, but it could be stress and allergies; my test was negative, proving I don’t have it, or I can’t properly perform the take-home test kit. I am exhausted, sneezing, and my breathing is troubled. The symptoms we saw with Susie a few days ago.

I have spent the day home and resting between meetings and some crises of the moment at the shoe company. I am worried about Susie and my asthma is trying. I am exhausted after a day of just contacting people and not panicking.

Returning to the typical narrative I do, Tuesday started with my typical rushed morning and meetings at 8:05. I had to go with efficiency to be at the office before my meeting. I had breakfast, a bagel-like local bread product, and a banana. Then, of course, I had liberal coffee from the French press. Since President Trump’s election, I have been drinking Fair Trade and other liberal causes supporting coffee. It reminds me of what I stand for every day: I am liberal.

The trip to work was uneventful, even in the Portland area, where naked bike riding is the norm in the summer and slowing down for a green light is usual. I completed my first meetings when Michelle Nixon, owner of the facility where Susie resides, called me and informed me that Susie had a positive covid-19 test after they noticed she was coughing too much for it to be caused by allergies. Standing back from everyone with my mask on, I told my boss and others I had to leave work and isolate myself, and I also had a light cough. My boss, Brad, waved me out.

I tested negative, as I said.

Later, I talked to the nurse aid and asked if we should intervene with anti-virals for Susie. She will check with the RN. Susie was mainly sleeping. Also, Susie’s mother called hummingbird house and learned that Susie was eating and drinking and then going back to sleep. So that is a good sign.

I made hot dogs in buns with mustard and fresh chopped onion for lunch, feel-good food with potato salad, and macaroni salad. I watched some how-to model videos while I ate to relax and forget my problems. After that, I tried to return to work, but I was troubled both by breathing issues and worry.

I read a bit when my breathing got harder, likely a panic attack, and it was soon OK. Reading has always helped me put my mind somewhere else and relax. So I grabbed my copy of Barry Hughart’s China series, signed and one volume (my copy is a special edition now worth a few $100), and started to let my mind drift. I also wanted to remember how Barry put the stories together as I want to write some more soon. It helped. I love these books.

I will test again in the morning.

I made taco salad from three frozen patties and put the meat on a taco salad. I was hungry and ate the whole salad. Maybe I will be OK as I seemed to have only allergy (and panic) issues.

Susie will be locked down for seven days. I will be isolated for at least three days or longer with a positive test.

I did finish the last parts of Death and the Conjuror: A Locked-Room Mystery by Tom Mead. I liked the characters and the setting. I did not care for some of the writing and the use of bizarre descriptive words; some I thought were just wrong. When there is another one, this is the first, I will try it. The book improved as it continued, as often happens with new mystery series. 

I am worried, tired, breathless–not in a good way, and not alone. Friends have been supportive, and I do not feel alone. I have plenty to eat and plenty of booze if I need it.

Until the next chance to write…

Be well. Be safe. Don’t kiss people with Covid unless you love them.

Michael R Wild

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