Story 03Aug2022: Wednesday

I could sleep in a bit as I was working from home again in isolation for another day. I will test again on Thursday morning. If I am negative, I have avoided Covid-19 again. Susie is stable at the hummingbird house, eating, drinking, and listening to music. She has an Alexa (we use the name alternative awakening word “echo”) that can play anything for her.

My morning started at about 7:15, with me reading email, text, and Slack messages. I spent the day working on a few crises of the moment and made little progress on the issues.

I called Susie’s place at about 10ish and spoke to Susie. She was feeling better but was tired of her room. So Susie is locked down in her room for a week–boring!

Peter Koper called by accident, and we chatted for a bit. He sent his best to Susie and asked about how I was doing. I have my last test, a new colonoscopy near Christmas, which is likely to be negative.

Lunch was again feel-good food for me. I had a pair of Nathan’s Hotdogs with mustard and freshly chopped onion. I made baked beans from a can and microwaved them to go with the dogs. I used my new battery-powered can opener to access the beans. I was surprised that the new-fangled openers cut off the top of the can instead of cutting open the lid like the openers of old. I bought a new one from Amazon after I failed to cleanly open two cans with my old manual opener–I think it is too dull after twenty years. Also, it is strange to use a power tool to open a can.

A bird nest, likely a robin’s nest–I was told, was on the deck this morning. The mud that had locked it to the tree branches gave way in the light wind last night. I carried it to the little girl next door and gave it to her. I remember an intact bird nest was a prized item when I was a kid. Harper appeared to be delighted, and her father was happy when I said, no, it is an outdoor thing, and it stayed outside. I remember having them in my room when I was small, but the world is neater now.

I read some more, but the breathing issue is much better today–reading helps me ignore the breathing issue. The weather reached about 80F (26.6C) with lower humidity and a nice breeze. So, I was comfortable all day.

I made dinner while listening to my last meeting at 5:05. I got a bone-in pork chop from the freezer and put it on a plate, still frozen in a plastic bag, and let the sun outside defrost it. I fried it in butter and then put some chopped onions (left over from the hot dogs) and garlic. I also heated some butter in a pan with almond slices and more chopped garlic. Next, I microwaved some frozen green beans and then put them in the pan with almonds and garlic. Finally, I heated some Texas Toast to finish up dinner.

My item was the second to last thing on the Zoom meeting, so I gave the update while eating the dinner I made while listening to the first part of the meeting.

I called Corwin and took him an important item that showed up in my mail for him and then drove to McDonald’s, got us hot fudge sundaes (I was wearing a mask in Air Volvo to keep him safe) and a burger combo for him for dinner. We then went to the local park and ate in the fresh air. So I would be safe to unmask there outside.

We chatted about the history he has been watching on YouTube. We talked about ancient history and some more recent stuff.

I took him to his new home off of 214th and returned home. I read for a bit and then wrote the blog. I chatted with friends while writing and exchanging travel stories. Plus, texting replies that Susie was stable to worried friends and family.

Thank you for reading.



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