Story 08Aug2022: Monday Day Off

Today was a quiet day, and Susie seems mostly recovered. I spent most of the day not going too fast. I am having trouble with my legs being stiff, and read a lot and took painkillers.

The morning started with my alarm on my iPhone at 7ish. I had to be ready as I had Xfinity (Comcast) coming to look at the issues with the Internet connection via the cable. I had coffee and breakfast of yogurt and some fruit. The Comcast tech was here about 8:30 and spent two hours taking apart and reassembling the cable. He did replace all the short connection cables in the house but diagnosed that the issue is with Comcast’s equipment on the poles. He does not do that work and ordered a truck to fix the issue. That will take up to another 48 hours. I do have better access now, 100+ Mbps, but there is an issue, and my speed, as I have experienced, will degrade.

The technician had been with AT&T when it was bought out by Comcast years ago–I was a customer of AT&T back then, and the tech shared that he had worked for the same company for more than twenty years. I shared with him that I have worked for Nike for twenty-five years. The technician told me he once tried to get his copy of Phil Knight’s book, Shoe Dog, signed but was turned around at the campus. He asked me if I knew Phil. I have met Phil a few times and talked to Mark Parker, the CEO that followed Phil, a few times. And I do not have a signed copy either.

The truck left with the technician, and I hope that the next truck can repair Comcast’s issue. I am considering other options.

I spent the rest of the morning using my better access speeds to finish a short blog entry, make lunch, and then shower and dress. As it is not a work day (I took a long weekend), I am wearing one of my scary t-shirts from the Kickstarter to create the short horror movie, The Last Incantation.

I had the last of the pasta and meatballs I made a few days ago. I would have to eat soon or throw it away, so it was lunch today. I microwaved the pasta in the large glass measuring cup (I don’t have much glassware) and washed out the ziplock bags as I was out of the smaller bags. Glenda should be smiling somewhere.

I watched a YouTube video on a war game, W 1885, which is a fast and rules-light (!) version of the Battle of Waterloo, but Cody, The Discremating Gamer, recommended it. He is a military historian, so his views on his YouTube channel heavily influence my purchases.

Next, I drove to the hummingbird house to see Susie. I called Jennifer ahead of time to ensure I could talk to Susie through the window. Yes, I could. I was soon at 9925 SW 82nd Ave., Portland (really Tigard), Oregon, and it was still a cool day (it reached about 85F today–29.4C). I stood outside the window and told Susie about my day yesterday and asked her how she was. She is fine and very happy, relieved, to see me. I called her mother, Leta, and held the phone up so Leta could see Susie through the screen. I could not get close to the window to be safe.

My legs started to hurt again; I have been brittle since the chemotherapy, and stress on my legs, like standing for twenty minutes, can cause me issues. I still am having issues with stairs, and curbs were starting to become difficult. I might have to use a cane if this gets worse or a walker.

The painkillers, two ibuprofen, and one Tylenol four times a day is working. The pain and stiffness are finally slowly fading.

I stopped as my legs began to hurt and left Susie at the window. No kiss but a wave goodbye this time. It is always heartbreaking to leave. I drove back across Beaverton.

I drove Air Volvo to Tammy’s Hobbies in Beaverton and bought the new issue of Fine Scale Modeler, and talked to another gray-haired model builder. He told me about a European company, Magic Scale Modeling, that makes lighting and sound systems for models. He used their stuff in a huge cut-away U-Boat model. I no longer build these giant models–museum pieces, but the lighting and sound really improved this one.

Next, I stopped at See See, a new coffee and bar place in Beaverton. I wanted to write a bit, read some of a math book I bought, and try the newish place. They had bagels made in Oregon, and they told me the bagels were baked by folks from New Jersey who knew how to make real bagels. I ordered one, and I was then dreaming of the East Coast again with cream cheese. Dinner would have to be light.

I drove home and took more painkillers and napped, and read a bit. Finishing another chapter on math with examples that I need to do in Python. I read some more of World War 2 history in a one-volume history, The Second World War, by Anthony Beevor, who manages to create a complete narrative of the war–a near impossible task. I have just read the chapter, still early in the war, 1939-1940, of nearly a million people killed in China. I am on page 83, and Norway and Denmark were just taken by Nazi Germany. The author supplies extensive footnotes for any quotes. I would recommend this book to anyone like me that wants to tour the events without the deep dives. Deep dives are available in other books, of course.

I ordered Pud Thai and wonton soup to be delivered by GrubHub and ate about 1/2 of the soup and 1/3 of the Pud Thai. I plan to finish it on Wednesday night.

I watched the BBC news while eating dinner. The war in Ukraine continues with Russia being accused of hiding weapons in a nuclear plant and Ukraine being accused of firing on the same. The head of the UN said it was suicide and just shook his head.

I took another nap and read more about the atrocities in WW2 and Hitler now expanding the war, April 1940, in Europe. Hitler had more atrocities to start.

I took another nap and read more. I got going again at 8PM and wrote the blog. I also looked at some model kits and other possible hobby items. So far, I have resisted.

I did order more special cement I use to connect brass to wood and plastic, G-S Hypo Cement. I recommend if you need precise model work and you, like me, must mount impossibly small metal items onto various surfaces without ruining the surface.

Thanks for reading again.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

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