Story 08Aug2022: Sunday

I started the day at 7ish with my alarm waking me. I planned to drive into Portland and see stuff at Ikea, but I never managed that and instead just ordered stuff online. Oddly, the things I wanted were unavailable for pick-up at Portland’s Ikea.

I spent the morning getting ready for church and writing the blog. I managed a breakfast of yogurt, strawberries from the local Farmers’ Market, and a banana, plus I made Fair Exchange Morning Blend coffee, liberal, of course, using a French press. I purchased another case of coffee and have six more bags of pre-ground coffee with shipping for about $8.60 a bag. I don’t buy more as coffee ages poorly when ground, and this is cheaper than Amazon and, as it comes from their warehouse, it is likely to be fresh.

Aside: Xfinity was here for two hours this Monday morning working on the cable. This delayed the blog, and the findings are that there is an issue on the pole or the connection to the switch. I am back to 600 Mbps for the moment, but my experience is that this will collapse again into very slow rates in a few hours.

I was a few minutes late for church and missed the first hymn. Howard, the music director, organist, and keyboard player, is on vacation, so the band went unplugged and sounded good. The new pastor, Rev. Ken Wytsma, introduced himself and gave the sermon titled “What Is Impossible With Man, Is Possible with God.” Pastor Ken covered the angel visiting Mary as his focus and mentioned Joseph’s visit from an angel. Rev Wyrsma pointed out that Nazareth was a small village, that the impossible can be done with God’s help, and that God will be there as more than just a promise when the impossible is asked or presented. Past Ken showed pictures from his trip to the same place. While Rev. Ken was making a point about God, it was also a lesson about the history of the people and places in Nazareth and the authors of the Gospels.

The flag is still here at First United Methodist Church, Beaverton.

I had a haircut with Zorida at 1PM, so I tried Taco Time for lunch and got four regular tacos and a diet coke. While the tacos were not as bad as Taco Bell’s, I will not be back. Next time, I will find a taco truck if I want to buy a taco! I then headed to Zoriada’s place and then remembered it had moved and changed course without much backtracking.

Zorida restored me to my usual look. The mad scientist look is gone. The pain in my legs and stiffness was much worse, and I headed home. After arriving home in Air Volvo without issue, I took painkillers and then took a nap.

I managed to get going again at about 5ish and had the leftovers of my sub sandwich I bought a few days ago in Safeway. It was still good. I then tried the Salt and Straw ice cream place in Beaverton but drove by and saw it was packed and without masks or any form of distancing. Ice cream and Covid-19 are not something I planned to pick up together.

I was shocked to see little cat prints on my windshield after the sun glare hit it while I was driving. Apparently, I had air-conditioned the car enough to attract the local cats for a cool sit on Air Volvo; you could even see the slight smear as the cat paws slid down the glass. I just washed the car at the car wash yesterday! The crows, which usually liberally Pollock my car, have been missing from the area. I guess the cats felt I needed to be reminded who rules the area.

I returned home and returned to writing my Dungeons and Dragon 5E adventure. I also bought some office furniture for Ikea, as I said, for my new office I am setting up in what was Corwin’s bedroom and will have it delivered on Friday. It was expensive, as it always is, but I got what I wanted, and I think I will be happy with it.

My Internet connection was hit or miss all day. A truck is coming on Monday (as I mentioned above).

I called hummingbird house, and Susie was resting but was doing good. Leta (Susie’s mother), who I talked to on Sunday, had reached Susie, and they chatted for a bit. Susie seems to be recovering, and if the household can get negative tests, it should be open again on Tuesday.

David and Michelle, and I group watched the newest Dr. Stange movie on Disney+. I wanted to see it again; I liked it, and it is unlike most Marvel movies. The director made the B-movie Army of Darkness movies, and Bruce Cambell makes a cameo in the movie, and there are hints to the horror movies in this Marvel film. I liked the mix.

After that, I headed for bed, But the Math of Deep Machine Learning is not something to enjoy when tired, and soon I was asleep.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Thank you for reading.

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