Story 18Aug2022: Hot Day

Going backward, I was in bed early and managed to sleep until fourish and then back to sleep. Before going to bed, I finished the project with the final protective spray of Mr. Hobby’s Mr. Super Clean Clear Gloss with UV protection. I use this expensive clear spray on figures and models when using oil paints to highlight or even show wear. It protects the underlying paint and decal work (the decals must be treated with a decal setting solution before being exposed to a solvent-based glaze).

I also finished another encounter in the Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventure I am writing. ‘Encounters’ are literally where the player characters encounter a challenge. I have continued to model the structure after the Egyptian tombs I have read about and added a little Hollywood movie stuff with the D&D magic and monsters. I have avoided stealing from previous adventures I have played or written, but I put in one classic 1970s trap because it fit the theme but placed many ways to avoid the full damage and thus making the trap more interactive. When playing D&D, you have to avoid long sections where the person running the adventure, the Dungeon Master (DM), is talking and handing out damage. It is a roleplaying game, and you need to allow roleplaying.

I wrote more here and there all day when I had a break at home. I want to finish the first part of the adventure so I can start on the next part. The Egyptian theme is just the start of a quest.

Before that, I stopped by McDonald’s and got a hot fudge sundae and fries. I had skipped dinner, and it was cooling down to just 95F (35C), so a sundae seemed to fit the day, and well, the fries are always good.

I had come from the hot First United Methodist Church in Beaverton. Somehow the church sanctuary was warmer than the air outside! The choir was practicing for Sunday, and Zophia, Dondrea’s girl, was there to hang out. I brought some board games and taught Zophia two new games.

We first played Azul, an enjoyable game with actual miniature tiles and one of the best games available according to BoardGameGeek (and running about $35 or less, it is one of the cheapest too). The game takes a play-through to learn, and Zophia had it down by the completion of the first game, only thirty minutes including the teach; again, an excellent game. I was not playing well in the second game, and Zophia smoked me. She got two rows of five in the last scoring, yikes. She liked Azul.

Next, I learned that young folk like Zophia only know Star Trek from the more recent movies. The board game Star Trek Panic is set in the original TV show. The iconography, challenges, and pictures were lost on Zophia as they all refer to ancient (to her) TV reruns. But, the panic system has a cardboard model of the USS Enterprise that gets cardboard explosions put on it when hit. It looks spectacular. It is also cooperative with Zophia playing Spock and I playing Scottie, and we barely survived the two practice missions.

The game is from 2016 and was a big splash when it came out as Paramount supported the game’s creation and allowed photos from the TV show to be incorporated into the game. Star Trek Panic is a remaking of Castle Panic, where the players defend a cardboard castle from invaders, and like the Star Trek game, the Cardboard walls come down as the castle is damaged. I also discovered, as I said above, that the theme is aging poorly as younger folks do not know the original 1960s TV show.

Aside: The movie Dune had produced one new game and reprinted the original (and somewhat insane) Avalon Hill Dune board game, even with a special version incorporating art and pictures from the new movie. Dune Imperium is an excellent balanced board game. And the Dune board game is not, but its insane system is a treat to play for a few hours with the right six people all plotting to win and to ensure that “the spice must flow.” As you would imagine, the only complaint is that Dune Imperium is too good of a game, and the theme is lost in the play, while Dune is all theme, and good strategy might not mean you will win and even includes a crazy betrayal mechanism.

Returning to the narrative, Choir practice finished in the sweltering church, and we packed up. Azul was a hit, and so was The Forbidden Island last time.

Moving back in time, I had lunch at Abhiruchi Indian Cusine. They still do not have their buffet running, but they have a special that is cups of what you would find on the buffet. It was delicious and brought back many pre-pandemic memories. It was too much for lunch, and as I said, I skipped dinner. I had unsweetened hot chia.

Skipping mundane details such as traffic and remembering to not use my phone when sitting in traffic next to a Beaverton Police car, I spent an hour with Susie at hummingbird house. I cut my visit short as I did not want to stress my back. Susie was in her recliner when I reached there. She was ready when I arrived and decided she would love a visit to the park next door. She loves getting roses, and Mister Lincoln, a hybrid tea rose I planted last year, had a nice bud that I cut for Susie.

We enjoyed the park and stopped by the cedars and saw the same, I believe, swallowtail butterfly still fluttering around the trees. I have seen the butterfly for weeks now. But, according to my research, it is a Methuselah now as it should only live two-week.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, Zorida, and my mother, Barb. Susie had an excellent time chatting with everyone while we enjoyed the last cool of the day (it would be over 100F/37.6C in most of the area by 4PM). Susie had a happy time and truly loves going outside. Jennifer had Susie on the porch the morning before Air Volvo arrived, and she had just put Susie in the recliner before I came.

Moving to the start of the day, I was up late at 7:30, finally sleeping in, wrote the blog, and was late seeing Susie after 11ish. I had liberal coffee and a croissant I bought at Basics yesterday. It is a bread-like industrial product that would scandalize a Frenchman.

Thank you for reading. It is nice to finally unwind this week from work and many of the travails that have been my life for the last year. It is tough when the pandemic is just a background issue compared to the other issue. Sleep is finally returning, and the back pain is fading. It was a good day.

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